Can I use white onion as a substitute for shallots?! (I am in the middle of cooking!)

Ok, so I need shallots and realized I didn't have any!!! AHHHH! What can I use for a substitute?!

  • Posted by: hans
  • February 4, 2017


Smaug February 5, 2017
You'll probably be OK with onion, but it will be more pungent, so go cautiously. Most of the shallots available are actually hybrids with a type of red onion; true shallots are pretty small. If you have red onion, that would be better.
SKK February 4, 2017
Shallots are amazing - not onions and not garlic. Any onion can be used as substitute and recommend you make the recipe again using shallots and taste if there is a difference.
Bevi February 4, 2017
It really depends on the recipe you are making. How are you using the onion? What's the recipe?
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