What can I substitute for sesame oil?



bugbitten January 11, 2012
You should be able to do the infusion if you have sesame seeds and a neutral oil, or peanut oil. Measure the amount of oil you'll need, and use about one fourth that much of the seeds. Let it sit a few hours and then strain. Your kitchen will smell wonderful.
bugbitten January 11, 2012
Well, if it's January 11th, this must be my 22nd oops of the new year. Of course, you want to cook the whole thing, just as Chef KC mentioned. I'd start toasting the seeds in a dry pan, medium low heat, then add the oil once the seeds start to take on color. Cook for another ten minutes or so, but don't let the seeds turn black.
pierino January 11, 2012
More importantly what is the dish where you need to make the substitution?

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Chef K. January 11, 2012
Any oil, but u won't get that flavor. You can toast some sesame seed and then add some vegetable oil and try to infuse it, and then once it cools completely, you could try to purée it to infuse the flavor even more
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