Weird Food Combinations that are Strangely Good

Our own Jenny just wrote an article for the NY Times about a Montana senator who travels with his own beef and home grown purple barley. ( He serves the barley in a bath of Cool Whip, which Jenny described as "weirdly good." We all have foods that we grew up with that taste good to us, but on description would seem strange or even inedible. What are yours?

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • January 11, 2012


Aleisha C. August 27, 2017
Celery and ketchep, I used to eat this as a child and it was the only way I would eat celery! 😆😆
morganster May 13, 2017
1. mashed potatos spinich and greens beand on a biscute

2. pickles and vanilla frosting

3. chicken potpie with mustard and relish
Susan W. December 1, 2014
Cold spaghetti with meat sauce from the night before on white bread slathered with butter.
tazz S. December 1, 2014
peanut bitter and jelly burritos
Stephanie February 15, 2014
White wonder bread with guldens spicy mustard. Schmooshed to make it a thin thin sandwich.
So weirdly satisfying

And toast with miracle whip and sliced tomatoes.
Dana B. November 30, 2013
I am glad I am not alone in my crazy food love! Some of my faves are: Radishes with butter, Toast with grape jelly and cheddar cheese, French fries with tartar sauce and ketchup, Mashed potatoes with cheese sauce and ketchup, Hash browns with hollandaise sauce and ketchup, Dill pickles and cheddar cheese. That's all I can think of at the moment.
Big G. November 25, 2013
Peanut Butter, Mayo, Chili Flakes, Crisp Romaine Lettuce on Toasted Seeded Rye Bread.... On the side I like The Japonese chilis fried in a little olive oil and salted, they are like spicy chips
yo November 25, 2013
Chocolate gravy and biscuits with fried bacon
Chocolate gravy recipe 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup
Flour mixed together bout 1 cup milk 2 TBL spoons butter cook over med heat stirring till thickens serve with biscuits add a dash of salt fried bacon goes great
bugbitten September 19, 2013
Lied, yer in.
JanetFL September 19, 2013
I am afraid I will be ostracized for my answer:
scrambled eggs with ketchup
cottage cheese with sugar
These are the only ways that my poor parents could get dairy into me as a child....and last but not least....
chocolate chip cookies with american cheese atop.
bugbitten September 19, 2013
Fer sure you're out, kiddo.
JanetFL September 19, 2013
I knew it, bugbitten!
Jeff T. September 18, 2013
Two things come to mind. First, buttered toast with grape jelly, topped with a sunny-side-up egg. I don't think that's uncommon, but I do think it's unusual. The second is this: peanut butter on a hamburger. No other condiments - just the burger, peanut butter, and the bun. Surprisingly good!
Dana September 18, 2013
I wrote a list...
1) bacon and maple syrup
2) tortilla chips and cream cheese
3) flat pretzels with a little bit with spicy honey mustard
holly September 11, 2013
Smooth peanut butter and dill pickle (sliced length wise) on whole wheat. My father's specialty. Deee- lish, oddly.
Juliebell August 4, 2013
Cheddar and chutney on a cracker.
Crispy hot salty French fries dipped in chive sour cream.
White bread, salted butter and strips of green pepper or slices of Vidalia onion or a chunk of crisp iceberg lettuce.
Inko August 3, 2013
My mother made (and still makes) peanut butter and iceberg lettuce sandwiches on rye or whole wheat bread with a little smear of mayo. I love it.
RespectThePastry August 3, 2013
Fries + Frosty + Ketchup, Peanut Butter + Butter + Toasted Rye Bread, Grilled Cheese with Cheddar and Peanut Butter, Green Apples and Wasabi...I could go on and on!
Stevie W. August 1, 2013
Marmite and marmalade toast.
Take 2 pieces of buttered toast and spread one with marmite (salty yeast extract that the English love) and spread the other with orange marmalade. Sandwich together.
Salty, sweet, tangy and yeasty!
paige5999 July 24, 2013
I always eat my scrambled eggs with ketchup. I also used to enjoy mixing the crushed potato chips from the bottom of the bag with cottage cheese! Salty and delicious :)
Also, I have heard of people enjoying Dorito and peanut butter sandwiches. It sounded disgusting to me at first, but it might be good. Kind of like those peanut butter and cheese cracker sandwiches that you used to bring for snacks in the car on summer vacation!! :)
creamtea August 2, 2013
oooh I love scrambled eggs with ketchup. Forgot all about it, thanks for the reminder. Lunch!
mzmecz July 21, 2013
My grandmother served us torn white bread and milk for lunch.
amydonovan July 18, 2013
Brie in dried apricots. Fantastic little appetizer for parties.
Incognito July 10, 2013
I have two slightly weird ones to add to the thread. Mayonnaise on hot tamales. They would actually serve you a small dish of mayonnaise if you asked at Does' Eat Place in Greenville, MS which was famous for their tamales. Second is savory oatmeal, an idea I gleaned from Mark Bittman and my whole family is hooked on. None of us like the normal sweet toppings people customarily served with oatmeal and he suggests grated cheese, salsa,leftover cooked vegetables, etc. We love it with hummus or guacamole or toasted pepitas, And always a big spritz of Braggs Liquid Aminos or Tamari sauce. Don't knock it until you've tried it!
Karen July 9, 2013
Cooked Egg whites, with a few slices of banana on top, sprinkled with cinnamon! Mmmm!
klrcon May 28, 2013
Sugar Egg! No one would do this today because of all the salmonella fears, but my mom used to beat a raw egg with sugar and serve it as a dip for our morning toast. We loved it. My nonna dumped her cornflakes in her coffee because milk was too boring with cereal. And my grandfather ate cold liver and rice sandwiches. Can't say I do any of these things anymore but I remember them fondly.
Jeremiah,Scott May 28, 2013
Purple grapes and raw broccoli.
mensaque May 28, 2013
I thought this cow was milked...but this IS weird!I would never think of raw broccoli with anything!
Chef_Faye January 7, 2013
A sinful treat when strapped for cash is to cook ramen noodles sans packet and drain noodles reserving a tablespoon of the liquid. Spoon in 1 1/2 tablespoons of chunky or smooth peanut butter. Heat via microwave or stovetop to melt the peanut butter enough to mix with the noodles. Add franks hot sauce to taste. Add orange juice- about a teaspoon and mix. Yum.
siryn511 November 25, 2012
tzatziki w/ french fries. I don't think it's weird but it always creeped my hubby out when I was pregnant.
Dianemwj November 15, 2012
My mother used to eat Oreo cookies smeared with French's yellow mustard. I never got that.
BoulderGalinTokyo November 15, 2012
That's interesting. I must try it!
luvcookbooks November 7, 2012
We used to eat chocolate sauce sandwiches when we had leftover homemade chocolate sauce made4 ice cream sundaes. My brother ate ketchup sandwiches on saltines when he was a teenager and worked in theater. Missed my mom's home cooked meals.
calendargirl November 4, 2012
Take a nice fresh matzoh tile, spread it with a layer of mayo, then a thin layer of Dijon mustard. Sigh.
saucy101 November 3, 2012
peanut butter and honey. enough said.
Avocado September 20, 2012
Cottage cheese and applesauce. Looks like dog chow, but it is delicious, I promise! Also the absolutely genius combination of strawberries dipped in sour cream and rolled in light brown sugar. If you have not tried this, you have not lived :)
saucy101 November 3, 2012
too funny :)
Bevi November 4, 2012
I ate cottage cheese and applesauce all the time as a kid - with a little bit of sour cream and extra brown sugar.
TXExpatInBKK August 22, 2012
This may not count as it is a drink, not food. But when I was little my mom used to make us a treat by mixing orange juice and Sprite. Well, one day we didn't have Sprite so I grabbed a Coke instead. It looks terrible (my mom calls it 'swamp water' because of the color) and my whole family thinks I'm insane, but it tastes really good!
dymnyno August 21, 2012
One of my favorite snacks (still) is sliced pickles and cheddar cheese (I have never been pregnant). One of my favorite salads is shredded cabbage with cottage and mayo.
creamtea August 21, 2012
lately I'm into half-sour pickles straight from the icebox daubed with room-temp peanut butter. Disgustingly good!
jsoms August 20, 2012
I love waffles with yogurt on top. I also love peanut butter mixed with syrup and then spread on toast
OKJ May 19, 2012
My mom would make what she called "Eatmore" whenever my dad was away for the night on business. It consisted of spaghetti, ground beef, a can of tomato sauce and and canned corn.

petrea May 16, 2012
This is going to sound awful BUT it's great and nobody will guess what's in it .. I gave it to a friend who teaches at the Florida Culinary Institute and he couldn't guess what was in it, and loved it... Here goes-- 2 cukes, 1 clove garlic, 1cup sour cream, 1 can campbells green pea soup--unbelievable!!!!Serve chilled, thin if you want
petrea May 16, 2012
Sounds awful but is GREAT! Peanut butter on hamburger!
mensaque April 22, 2012
How about savory pumpkin and jerky beef?
susan G. April 19, 2012
HalfPint, Mensaque, hardly anything sounds weird here on food52! Answers to this question have given me some good ideas. Coffee with butter? In Tibet they drink tea with yak butter. Eggs with soy sauce? Delicious!
mensaque April 19, 2012
Spinach,bechamel,&parmesan cheese gratin,with olive oil and ketchup on top and a side of cream crackers and a huge glass of coke.
mensaque April 19, 2012
My mom loves white rice and black beans(99%Brazilians eat them everyday)with a twist:lime juice.And her greatgrandfather used to drink coffee with a spoon of butter.My father likes molasses with yuka meal.Actually in Brazil,especialy up north,we have yuka meal with just about everything...I guess this sounds pretty weird for you guys.
HalfPint April 19, 2012
Eggs (any style) topped with a generous shot (or two) of soy sauce. It's how my peeps (the Viet) eat their eggs. My white friends always looked at me kinda weird whenever I did this.
TXExpatInBKK August 22, 2012
Yes! A fried egg with Maggi... the BEST!
Crispini April 19, 2012
Okay, a peanut butter, avocado and alfalfa sprout sandwich on whole wheat bread. This was from a hippie restaurant called "The Stomach," Portland, Oregon in 1970. I can still picture the place, with its tall, steamed-up windows and plants hanging everywhere, but this is the only food item I remember having there. As kids, my brother and I tried all sorts of variations of peanut butter sandwiches: peanut butter & pickle, peanut butter & cucumber (the best!), peanut butter and tomato, even peanut butter and canned sardines on rye!
LarderandLibary April 14, 2012
Peanut butter sandwich, dill pickles and tomato juice. Can't explain it
Sadassa_Ulna March 22, 2012
I go to a nearby market during lunch with a salad bar and a "hot bar." The combination of caesar salad and something they call "buffalo tofu" is really good. I think its the anchovies in the caesar dressing with the hot chili / toasted sesame oil that does it. And the cool creamy with hot spicy. Mmmmm, getting hungry....
bigpan March 22, 2012
Fig infused vodka with a side dish of stilton (preferably from Harrods, London). I also love dipping my toast with strawberry jam in ketchup for breakfast.
NYNCtg March 18, 2012
When I was a kid PB& J sandwiched at my school came with a slice of cheese on it, not in it but on top. No one knew why. But today I like sharp cheese and jam sandwiched.
I love tomato pie, thick crust pizza with tomato sauce and a sprinkling of grated cheese served at room temp. I don't think this is weird but most people who have not grown up with it do.
Mr S. March 18, 2012
My wife makes a toasted sourdough open face with rubbed garlic, mayo, thin slice of lemon, small slice of pickle and a sardine.
testkitchenette March 17, 2012
Sadly, I did not try the shitake bacon on top of the cracker spread with the homemade nutella. I highly recommend the shitake bacon though. I like to sprinkle it on just about anything savory I make...grain and greens with beans etc. To add to the weird combos, my mother used to make a toasted sandwich consisting of whole wheat bread spread with peanut butter with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. She then slid it into the toaster oven until the cheese was melted. I cringed and refused to taste it but I suspect it is delicious. My grandmother also used to serve my brother scrambled eggs with applesauce when he was a kid; he loved it.
testkitchenette March 17, 2012
I just made a batch of shitake "bacon"...roasted 4 oz. sliced shitakes that were tossed with some olive oil s+p at 400F for about 25-35 minutes. I left them on the counter when done and the next thing I knew, my husband was spreading a brown rice black sesame cracker with homemade chocolate nut butter and putting the shitake bacon on top.
BoulderGalinTokyo March 17, 2012
But testkitchenette you must have tried one, how was it? Oh, gee, i'll just go try it!!!
Panfusine March 17, 2012
oooh, that sounds good!
toocourt March 14, 2012
Chili with a peanut butter sandwich on white bread- a specialty of school district 205!
sheredel February 19, 2012
a book came out last year, women author subject is What do you eat when your alone, a whole book of all these great concoctions! me, sardines and well, sardines!
Andrew K. February 18, 2012
Grilled Cheese sandwiches with powdered sugar dusted on top. The sweet and savory combination of sugar and cheese is excellent!
TXExpatInBKK August 22, 2012
Oooo, yes, that reminds me of a Monte Cristo!
creamtea February 14, 2012
We used to eat bowtie pasta with cottage cheese, sugar and black pepper as children.

My daughters used to love Tillamook cheddar cheese slices with Nutella.
amysarah February 14, 2012
So did we! Only without the pepper, and my mom used elbow macaroni. There was a method to eating it: we sprinkled the sugar on a little at time as we ate, so it was still crunchy in every bite. (Seriously, this was like #1 lunch back in the day.)

NOG February 14, 2012
Love peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches! Also a great combo in a salad is fresh strawberries with thinly sliced red onions with a cream/sugar/vinegar dressing.
Panfusine January 18, 2012
Drbabs... Capital idea! Try toasting the spaghetti before dipping..Toasted spaghetti rocks. I cant help sneaking those when I use them for Indian food. The nuttiness would be AWESOME paired with chocolate.. Now I just HAVE to make some today!
luvcookbooks November 7, 2012
I used to snack on cooked pasta served plain alongside a cold glass of Welch's grape juice. A bite of pasta, a swallow of grape juice to sauce the pasta in the mouth... my staple meal when I was 16 and working odd shifts at a restaurant.
drbabs January 18, 2012
OK, this is probably too bizarre, but I just read Mark Bittman's article about the demise of the Twinkie (, and it reminded me of what I used to make as an after school snack. Raw spaghetti dipped in chocolate sauce (probably Bosco or Nestle Quick at the time). Crunchy, starchy, sweet, chocolatey. I remember climbing up on the kitchen counter to find the thinnest spaghetti.
Devangi R. January 17, 2012
I don't know why but these days I am going crazy behind dill pickles and chocolate by eating them together.
Danielle O. January 17, 2012
Vanilla Ice Cream, date syrup, halva, and..... tahini paste (sesame paste). It doesn't sound weird to me at all, it's delicious. But when I wanted to serve it to a friend, she gave me a disgusted face... until she tasted it. Great question!
Whats H. January 17, 2012
I have a recipe I engineered back in the very early 1970's. It's a mixture of hamburger, tunafish, onion, and relish.
1 1/2 pounds ground round
1 (6 ounce) can tuna packed in oil, drained
1 large sweet onion, finely chopped
3 tablespoons sweet pickle relish
seasoning salt and pepper to taste
6 hamburger buns, split


Preheat an outdoor grill for medium-high heat. When grill is hot, lightly oil the grate.
In a large bowl, mix together the ground beef, tuna, onion, and relish. Season with seasoning salt and pepper to your liking. Form the meat mixture into 6 patties.
Place patties on the hot grill, and cook for 6 to 9 minutes on each side, or until cooked through. Serve on buns with the usual toppings.
sometimes this is hard to hold together, works much better now that they have the package tunafish that you don't have to drain! If using canned tuna fish drain it completely it holds together better! I know it sounds weird but is absolutely delicious!
you can find the recipe under beefuna at all
PattiinMS January 17, 2012
My mom made Spam salad sandwiches. Grind Spam, dill pickles and mix with Hellman's Mayo. Spread it on bread or toast. We liked it better than ham salad! I made it a few weeks ago and my sister was thrilled!
sdebrango January 17, 2012
Is it really, wow!! When I think of Hawaii I don't think of spam. Amazing.
inpatskitchen January 17, 2012
Wikipedia says that it's so popular there that it's known as "Hawaiian Steak"!!
BoulderGalinTokyo May 17, 2012
Okinawa loves Spam sushi- grilled crusty then put on top of rice with a strip of nori to hold together. I think the airport sells erasers in this shape.
bigpan January 15, 2012
I have recently been using pineapple and cucumber together - in japanese nori wraps, or tortilla wraps, or as the base for a salsa. But I also like a bit of ketchup on toast with strawberry jam.
pierino January 17, 2012
When I was having physical therapy for my knees a few years ago, one day one of the therapists who was Hawaiian brought in nori wrapped sushi rolls filled with Spam. I had that in mind when I came up with this
sdebrango January 17, 2012
Must look at that recipe pierino, speaking of spam, my Mom sliced it and pan fried it until it got a crispy crust and served it with over easy fried eggs and toast. I have to admit I liked it. Have not had spam since I was a child but your comment triggered a memory.
inpatskitchen January 17, 2012
Oh yes!!! fried Spam brother's favorite!! And isn't Spam Hawaii's State Food?
drbabs January 15, 2012
I'm so glad everyone is having such fun with this thread. Maybe this is where we started being creative experimenting with food combinations, even unconventional ones.
mrslarkin January 15, 2012
This thread is conjuring up all kinds of weird taste memories. In college i worked at a small supermarket. Saturday lunch usually consisted of fried pork rinds, cottage cheese with the fruit next to it, and a bottle of strawberry yoo hoo. Yum?
Anitalectric January 15, 2012
DrBabs, your answer reminded me of something. When I was a kid my mom's go-to potluck dish (for backyard cookouts, picnics, etc) was general tso's chicken from the supermarket deli mixed with a jar of salsa. With toothpicks so people could eat like an appetizer. People went gaga for it and everyone demanded the recipe. It amused her to no end.
Anitalectric January 15, 2012
DrBabs, your answer reminded me of something. When I was a kid my mom's go-to potluck dish (for backyard cookouts, picnics, etc) was general tso's chicken from the supermarket deli mixed with a jar of salsa. People went gaga for it and everyone demanded the recipe. It amused her to no end.
tessa022707 January 14, 2012
Growing up we ate fresh blueberries tossed in sour cream and topped with spoonfuls of sugar, preferably brown that had hardened just a little bit. My Dad still eats PB and mayo sometimes with bacon; still makes me shudder. Okay and since we are confessing, us kids would argue over who got to chew on the strings that tied the roast beef once it came out of the oven!
SKK January 13, 2012
All these responses have jogged my memory. Mom used to love cottage cheese on top of 1/2 cantaloupe with black pepper sprinkled on top. There were no pepper grinders in our house in those days! And it really was/is tasty.

Also she would fry sauerkraut which we put over mashed potatoes. Tried to reproduce it for my Dad after Mom passed, and it was awful. Mom had it work.
TheThinChef January 13, 2012
My mom always made us ramen noodles (without the soup, just the.noodles) mixed with butter and soy sauce. She called it Chinese noodles. When I had morning sickness that lasted all day, that was the only thing I wanted to eat some days. We also often had pasta mixed with diced tomatoes and sour cream. Lots of salt. And last, when I was younger, I loved ham and butter sandwiches.
amysarah January 13, 2012
My mom used to make us elbow macaroni, mixed with large curd creamed cottage cheese, which melted just slightly from the heat of the pasta. That combo isn't so unusual – basically a version of classic Jewish egg noodles with pot cheese…but the part that made it sublime: we’d sprinkle it with sugar as we ate, a little at a time, so it was still crunchy in every bite. Sweet, a little salty, creamy, chewy, crunchy, cheesy…

I made it for my own kids once when they were young – big build up about how it was my childhood favorite lunch. Their reaction? Decidedly ‘meh.’ Apparently, it's not DNA-linked.
sheredel February 19, 2012
my mom made that too, been thinking of reserecting. it was called in our house, broad noodles cheese and butter. made with pot cheese, yes its large curd very dry cottage cheese more similar to farmers cheese- some butter salt and pepper. i loved to put ketchup on it! can't get pot cheese anymore...
healthierkitchen January 13, 2012
My husband's grandmother made a dip with cottage cheese that was somewhat like a flavor she remembered from her childhood in Czechoslovakia. Cottage cheese with deli mustard and diced onions. It sounds weird, but is delicious with a kick and a bite from the mustard and onion. Many people look at it oddly when I serve it but anyone who tastes it loves it.
inpatskitchen January 13, 2012
My mom's "go to diet lunch" was cottage cheese topped generously with French dressing! I can't figure out how it kept her so slim..
amysarah January 13, 2012
Richard Nixon ate cottage cheese with ketchup on top every day for lunch. (Why do I remember that factoid, when I can barely remember what I ate for lunch today?)
mrslarkin January 13, 2012
Totally forgot about my butter and sugar sandwiches on wonder bread. GREAT after-school snack.
Panfusine January 13, 2012
hey, I used to get that in my school lunch box... In Mumbai! Love it!
mrslarkin January 13, 2012
Really!? i always thought it was an Italian delicacy. ;)
Devangi R. January 17, 2012
Hello mrslarkin i used to have sugar on top of freshly made roti with lots of ghee and rolled like a wrap...
sabele January 13, 2012
Hot chocolate and cheddar cheese (for dipping). Seriously.
mensaque April 22, 2012
This sounds AMAZING!I'll try it!
Niknud January 13, 2012
Sliced reen olives (the generic ones with the pimentos inside) and cream cheese sandwiches. Also next time you get fries, try sprinkling them with sugar - tastes JUST like fried dough from the carnival! And I'm with Bevi on the sugar on snow/SOUR pickle combo. And you can't forget gran's homemade donuts and black coffee to go with your sugar supper.
HinOh January 13, 2012
Back when the word "calories" wasn't even in my vocabulary, peanut butter, banana and mayonnaise (really Miracle Whip then), on toast, was a favorite. I thought I was the only one who ever ate that because none of my friends had ever heard of it. I'm happy to read here I wasn't alone! I also enjoyed grilled peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches.
boulangere January 13, 2012
I still love PB and mayo.
Mamma T. January 13, 2012
Here's one from my creative 14 year old budding chef. Next time you have a hot dog try Nutella instead of the usual condiments. Shockingly delicious!
pierino January 13, 2012
Feeling inadequate (as usual) the state of Arizona recently picked the official state food, the Chimichanga (I don't make this stuff up). A chimichanga is nothing more than a deep fried burrito. Phoenix and Tucson both lay claim to it in the way that the origin of the French dip sandwich is open to dispute in LA. Except that a French dip tastes one hell of a lot better.
healthierkitchen January 13, 2012
Is it Phillipe's in LA that had the great French Dip sandwiches? Used to go for luch fairly often when I lived out there.
pierino January 13, 2012
Phillipe's is the one that get's credit for it but it's open to argument. Still it's a hell of a lot better than a chimichanga.
Shalini January 13, 2012
Boxed macaroni and cheese made with powdered (organic, maybe) cheese, served with Patak's hot lime or garlic pickle.Very addictive!
matchaflan January 13, 2012
i dont think this is weird at all, but my American friends all seem weirded out, so here goes: mozzarella, black beans, chipotle mayonaise, guacamole, and pickles sandwich :)
sdebrango January 13, 2012
I think that sounds pretty tasty, maybe with some crushed frito's!!
SeaJambon January 12, 2012
Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches...
GIOVANNI50 February 18, 2012
Bosc pear and chunks of parmiggiano cheese
Watermelon and bacon
Julia C. February 20, 2012
Yes pickles and peanut butter!!! So good! My mom introduced me to this and I'm hooked!
Panfusine January 12, 2012
ditto here with whole cans of olives... & baby corn, & hearts of palm, straight out of the can, theres a certain je ne sais quoi element of comfort when doing that!
mrslarkin January 12, 2012
my father in law had some pretty strange sandwich combinations. But my favorite of them all was his sliced red onion and softened butter sandwich. Yum!

My husband's weird fave is peanut butter, bacon and sliced yellow american cheese, on bread or waffles or pretty much any form of carb. covered in maple syrup and he's a happy camper.

I've been known to eat an entire can of anchovies in one sitting...that's not weird, is it?
inpatskitchen January 12, 2012
A can of anchovies in one sitting? Not at all weird in my book...LOVE IT!!
bugbitten January 12, 2012
I think your dad-in-law was making a "New York Onion Sandwich." My own dad loved those. They seemed to pair well with a pack of Lucky Strikes.
mrslarkin January 12, 2012
yes! also paired well with a pipe. And a beer.
aargersi January 13, 2012
My Dad would do two things that shocked us as kids - and these were both 4 am insomnia snacks - either a THICK slice of onion smeared with peanut butter (no bread required) or and onion and liverwurst sandwich with loads of yellow mustard (which I love but not at 4 am)
sdebrango January 13, 2012
@aargersi, your Dad and my Mom, she was the queen of thick sliced onions any way she could get them.
Panfusine January 13, 2012
Sliced Vidalia onion sprinkled generously with salt & drizzled completely with lime juice.. need to take a minute to hold the slice to eye level & 'observe' the salt begin to dissolve and then scarf it down.
healthierkitchen January 13, 2012
The butter and onion sandwich....the original NY cucina povera.
healthierkitchen January 13, 2012
The butter and onion sandwich....the original NY cucina povera.
amysarah January 13, 2012
My grandfather, a lifelong NY-er (except for his first 5 years in Russia,) sometimes ate a sandwich of sliced white onion and Limburger cheese with brown mustard, on rye bread. (Does Limburger still exist? Really smelly stuff - the durian of the cheese world.) He always had a beer with it, though it was very rare he drank at all. Haven't thought about that in a very long time. Good, if smelly, memory.
pierino January 13, 2012
amysarah, I would love to meet your grandfather. I'm a stinky, smelly cheese guy myself. The stinkier the better. And almost as runny as a poached egg. Bring it on!!!
amysarah January 14, 2012
pierino, I'm a big fan of stinky, run off the plate cheese too...but as a small child, my grandfather's love of Limburger/onions seemed unfathomable. Was happy, however, to eat the rye bread - always the real deal, still warm from the long gone German bakeries of Yorkville. Anyway, I'd love to meet up with him too, but he's been gone for many years.
LeBec F. March 16, 2012
you might love my anchovy butter recipe on my member pg. That and some toasted sourdough and i am a wicked happy camper.
EmilyC January 12, 2012
My mom and dad have eaten fresh tomato with cottage cheese for years. I used to make fun of it but have to admit I've grown fond of the combination. I've never tried it, but I know a lot of people who like PB and tomato sandwiches.
boulangere January 13, 2012
I've always loved tomatoes and cottage cheese. It was best with warm tomatoes straight out of the garden.

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Stalk M. January 12, 2012
I grew up in a smaller Midwestern city and when mom dropped my friends and me off at the mall to hang out, we'd inevitably go to Wendy's for their Frostys and then dip their salty French fries in the cold chocolate dessert. My love affair with salty/sweet began there, I'm afraid!
petitbleu January 12, 2012
Oh god, how those Wendy's Frostys haunt me! The not-quite-chocolate taste...And yes, always with french fries.
boulangere January 13, 2012
Yes! I used to love McDonald's fries dipped in a strawberry shake.
vipavec June 16, 2012
I grew up in New England and did the same thing! As soon as my friends and I got our licenses we would hit the drive through for this treat. It is still my favorite guilty pleasure. :)
creamtea January 11, 2012
My daughter likes Tillamook cheddar with Nutella.
Chef K. January 11, 2012
My fav is to take two pancakes and put one piece of cheddar on each side an then put bacon or my favorite, turkey sausage links in the middle, this is especially great when your running out the door.
drbabs January 11, 2012
How about baloney and American cheese on Sunbeam bread with yellow mustard and sweet pickle relish?
bugbitten January 13, 2012
Pass the India relish, please. It seems to be going, going, gone, now that Heinz 57 is down to about 4.
drbabs January 11, 2012
How about baloney and American cheese on Sunbeam bread with yellow mustard and sweet pickle relish?
bugbitten January 13, 2012
Ahh, Sunbeam bread. You could tell it was the real stuff because it went stale in a couple days, just like bread. Like Thomas's protein bread, it's gone, yes?
drbabs January 18, 2012
I'm pretty sure they still sell it in New Orleans.
skittle January 11, 2012
We used to eat the grilled cheese and yellow mustard sandwiches too. They were great!
My mom also used to take deli ham and heat it in a pan with ketchup. For whatever reason, I really liked it.

And fries with gravy are the bomb!
Hilarybee January 11, 2012
Black pepper on orange slices. My mom used to set out a plate after dinner most Friday nights and on holidays. Sometimes she'd add white grapefruit slices if she could find them.
Panfusine January 11, 2012
Peanut butter sandwiches with mint chutney.
Salt & pepper sprinkled on toasted bagel with Marmalade
SKK January 11, 2012
I remembered this from a question bugbitten asked. Hostess Cupcakes and Hostess Twinkies from the freezer. Only ate them through high school. But it is tough to admit!
Bevi January 12, 2012
What were the names of those butterscotch fingers with the maple/vanilla icing? I loved those with potato chips!
Bevi January 12, 2012
Scratch that - they were Tasty Kake Butterscotch Krimpets!
sdebrango January 17, 2012
Loved those butterscotch things from Tasty Kake
luvcookbooks November 7, 2012
luv Hostess Cupcakes and luv Suzy Qs and Ding Dongs, will try freezing!

inpatskitchen January 11, 2012
My mom always made us grilled cheese sandwiches with sweet pickle relish and yellow mustard...Delish!!!
Pegeen May 28, 2013
inpatskitchen - oh, that sounds good! A modern Ploughman's Lunch.

I really miss that clear plastic log-shaped package of Oscar Meyer "deviled sandwich spread." Some kind of deviled ham thing with pickle relish mixed in.
inpatskitchen January 11, 2012
My mom always made us grilled cheese sandwiches with sweet pickle relish and yellow mustard...Delish!!!
drbabs January 11, 2012
Wow, this is really fun. And I thought my mom was the only weird one. I wonder what our kids will say about us?

Author Comment
Banana and mayo sandwich.
SallyBroff January 11, 2012
My mother mixed canned tomato and canned nsplit pea soup and called it Puree Mongol. It was delicious.
susan G. January 11, 2012
I have cookbooks with this soup (Joy of Cooking, I believe) -- how many of these are cultural icons of another generation (our, our parents)?
Bevi January 11, 2012
I love a jam and hard cheese sandwich. With potato chips of course!
luvcookbooks November 7, 2012
Toasted grilled cheese with grape butter and onion... also good with blackberry jam, I hear.
Bevi January 11, 2012
Well there is the proverbial maple sugar on snow with a pickle side served in Vermont - with freshly baked donuts if possible. We had this as kids when we would come a-visiting to see our grandparents.
sdebrango January 11, 2012
Wow how is it with a pickle? A sour pickle or sweet? My sister loves pickles so much she once asked the people at baskin robbins if they would make sour pickle ice cream. They said they didn't think it would sell. Clearly they have never been to Vermont.
Bevi January 12, 2012
Sour is traditional.
BoulderGalinTokyo February 20, 2012
We used to eat dill pickle ice cream in Colorado--but it was a Mom &Pop kinda place, not Baskins Robbins
creamtea January 11, 2012
ice cream with pretzels. Oh, yum.

and in the Acquired Taste Department: Homemade Gefilte fish. Never occurred to me -- until I generously offered it to someone and was declined--that the uninitiated wouldn't cotton to sugared, ground fish combined with matzoh meal stuffed into the fish's skin and boiled with onions, carrots and celery and a fish head. Yum.
healthierkitchen January 13, 2012
I have to agree on the gefilte fish. I can't imagine anyone who hadn't eaten it all their life even giving it a try.
Midge January 11, 2012
I had a memorable hot dog from a street vendor in Seattle once who served his franks with a generous schmear of cream cheese. Amazing! Great question drbabs!
fernetaboutit April 23, 2012
As a Seattle resident I can vouch for this. Now I always bring cream cheese to summer bbqs.. a hot dog isn't the same without it!
fernetaboutit April 23, 2012
As a Seattle resident I can vouch for this. Now I always bring cream cheese to summer bbqs.. a hot dog isn't the same without it!
Seattle M. February 19, 2013
don't forget the fried onions and peppers they also add--known locally as "street meat"
Author Comment
Homemade Cheddar Macaroni with Crisp Bacon and Maple syrup drizzled over the top!
JenS January 11, 2012
When I was little we used to go to a place that had hot dogs with peanut butter on the kid's menu. I still love it today as an adult!!
healthierkitchen January 13, 2012
My brother used to eat that!
bugbitten January 13, 2012
I confess I often find myself wanting to order from the kid's menu. Don't have the nerve.
SKK January 11, 2012
Fried egg sandwich with pickles and mustard.
bugbitten January 11, 2012
All praise to cooks with cats and pickle fingers.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 11, 2012
Poutine is with fresh cheese curds (on top of crspsy fries & gray) a national staple in Quebec, Montreal. I'm talking diner fries with gravy and a squirt of ketchup.
pierino January 13, 2012
Poutine is definitely up there.
SueH January 11, 2012
Cream cheese and dill pickles (the kind from the deli) on toast! My mom used to make them for us when we were little and I actually just had one for lunch today! Ooh, or fried bologna and cheese on buttered white bread - yummmy!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 11, 2012
Toasted english muffin with cream cheese & bacon. Also, french fries with brown gravy - yum!
Bevi January 11, 2012
Poutine? (French fries and gravy) This is served in many Vermont diners.
Bevi January 12, 2012
How could i forget the cheese curds?
heatmatt February 18, 2012
HA! In Canada these aren't weird combinations at all....but rather normal!
heatmatt February 18, 2012
HA! In Canada these aren't weird combinations at all....but rather normal!
sdebrango January 11, 2012
My mother made sandwiches and crushed potato chips in it. Bologna, mayo on white bread with crushed potato chips or tomato, mayo and crushed potato chips. Not sure how weird it is but certainly not the norm, but it's really good, to this day I sometimes do it.
SKK January 11, 2012
Sdebrango - our mothers must have been soul sisters! I thought I was the only one who ate this. Sometimes Mom fried the bologna first.
Bevi January 11, 2012
I will put crushed potato chips in any sandwich I eat - I love the extra crunch and salt.
amysarah January 11, 2012
Ah, fried baloney ...on Pepperidge Farm white toast, with French's Yellow Mustard. For some reason, we used to eat this occasionally for breakfast. (And I'm talking Oscar Meyer balonEY. 'Bologna' and/or mortadella are totally irrelevant to this iconic sandwich.)

Speaking of which - another odd combo I loved as a child was baloney rolled up, or layered in a sandwich, with cream cheese. Preferably - in those days - Temp-tee whipped cream cheese in the magenta carton.

Also, cream cheese and olive sandwiches (green, pimento stuffed from a jar - the kind your mom always kept in the fridge to make martinis. Or at least mine did. Not for me.
Panfusine January 11, 2012
Oh boy.. I always do that when I have chips lying around.. (dont crush them, simply add them as a layer though)
sdebrango January 11, 2012
I love this question, brings back some great memories of fun food. Glad to see I am not alone with potato chips on sandwiches. YUM! Yes, amysarah had to be oscar meyer bologna it was a staple in our fridge. This is such fun!
melissav January 12, 2012
I used to do that all the time when I was growing up. Turkey with mustard and crushed potato chips (and sometimes even a little ketchup)! I still do it everyone once in a while!
petitbleu January 12, 2012
My mother eats banana mayonnaise sandwiches. I never understood this, and frankly it sort of freaks me out, but maybe banana-mayonnaise-potato chip sandwiches?
sdebrango January 12, 2012
My Mom used to make banana, peanut butter and mayo, Is that an Elvis thing? I love banana and peanut butter but could never quite get into the mayo on it, honestly never tried it. She also used to eat on white bread really thick slices of onion with mayo and crushed potato chips, now that I think about it crushed potato chips were a re-occuring theme in my life.
aargersi January 13, 2012
PB&J with Fritos! Add that to chips in the sammich list - delicious!
drbabs January 11, 2012
Here's mine: my mother used to make a spinach dish that was basically a can of copped spinach, drained and mixed with a can of cream of chicken soup and a splash of lemon juice. I loved that dish, especially after I added a lot of lemon to it. I tried for ages making it with "real" ingredients, and it's definitely better with fresh or even frozen spinach. But there's something about that cream of chicken soup...I could never match, much less improve, the taste and texture profile. So it remains a childhood comfort classic--one that I almost never make, but of which I have fond memories.
sdebrango January 11, 2012
Yes the fried bologna definitely, hmmm... maybe our Mom's are related.
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