Beef Barley Soup - Can I mix broths

In the middle of struggling through this recipe. it ask for vegetable, chicken or beef broth. Unfortunately I only have 2 chicken but I have 1 beef. Is it ok to mix broths?



Nancy November 10, 2020
GeminiCookie - would be interested to know what liquid (one broth, two flavors broth, water, wine) you used and how the stew/soup turned out....
geminicookie November 10, 2020
Well for starters—it was fantastic. It was the first non sweet food I ever brought to anyone as a hostess gift and I even liked it myself! Now, I used 2 quarts chicken broth and then I used 1 Knorrs stock pot thing (beef) dissolved in hot water. In retropect I might have liked 3 beef but I’m still super happy with how it turned out. I’m so thrilled I asked for a stew recipe recommendation. I can’t believe how much I enjoy this, but have to say this board is a great support group.
Nancy November 10, 2020
Glad to hear the mix of liquids in your soup worked and it was a welcome hostess gift.
And that you found useful help here....:)
Lori T. November 8, 2020
I don't see why not. It's your soup, so you can make it any way your heart desires. There are no soup police lurking about to break down your door and haul you away for mixing broths. Using more chicken than beef may result is a lighter beef taste- but still good soup. For that matter, you could add in the balance of tomato juice or even V-8. I've seen recipes that used red wine, sherry, and even dark beer. Heck, I've made it with stout myself.
Nancy November 8, 2020
When making soup, you can use broth or water or a combination.
So, when you don't have enough of one broth flavor, yes combine them or use water as the liquid.
The soup will get enough flavor by the end of cooking all the other ingredients.
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