Hostess Twinkies is filing for bankruptcy. Comments?

Perhaps the year 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, will mean the lifting of this curse on hapless humankind.



Anitalectric January 15, 2012
An interesting side note: As a tribute to hostess, Babycakes just came out with a vegan, gluten-free, chemical-free version of a hostess cupcake. Probably sold out on day 1 like they always do! I think this speaks volumes about where we're headed.!/photo.php?fbid=10150595634020362&set=a.324190215361.185849.41273320361&type=1&theater
SKK January 13, 2012
OK, NPR did a bit on what to do with Twinkies (besides eat them). My favorite is the science desk put a Twinkie in Mountain Dew and the Twinkie DID NOT disintegrate. (Even though a mouse will.)
bugbitten January 13, 2012
Way cool link! It reminded me of an NPR report on Fritos, back when I was trying to make my own. I will NOT be making Twinkies at home, though.
amysarah January 12, 2012
Twinkies aren't going anywhere - they're like cockroaches. Forget all that Mad Max Thunderdome stuff... in post-apocalyptic America, only Cher will be left, noshing on a Twinkie.
SKK January 12, 2012
Amysarah, what a perfect analogy! Cockroaches and Twinkies! (However I love Cher!)
MTMitchell January 12, 2012
Don't worry -- buy a pallet of Twinkies today, and even if they shut down production, the ones you have will last through all eternity! I was not much of a Twinkie fan, but the classic cupcakes with the squiggly white icing and the "creme" filling?! Yes please. Loved them. LOVED. And the only time my mom would allow me to have one was in my brown-bag lunch for a field trip. She packed our lunches every day, but for some reason field trips warranted all kinds of special treats (we also got -- gasp -- a soda!). Every time I see them or think of those cupcakes, I have really fond memories of field trip lunches, the stuff my mom used to do to make things fun or special for us, and pulling the icing off in one piece to eat last. So for those reasons, I'd be sad to see them go.
bugbitten January 12, 2012
No need to be sad. I doubt the Twinkie will go the way of the chocolate cigarette, a staple of my childhood diet.
Abby A. January 12, 2012
"Hostess Brands announced that despite its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing it would not, in fact, cease production of Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, and other seductively-named products."
creamtea January 12, 2012
Well! Now I feel better. All the other kids had them packed in their lunch boxes, but my mother never allowed them; we grew up with Twinkie Deprived. The cupcakes and the ding dongs did look pretty good. I always make a whipped-cream chocolate roulade for birthdays; now I think I know the (subconscious) reason why.
creamtea January 12, 2012
I meant to say "grew up Twinkie Deprived". wish there were an edit feature!
SKK January 12, 2012
Now I am in lunchbox nostalgia. Showing my age here - tin lunchboxes with the latest TV hero on the outside. There were some wonderful and terrible things that came out of my lunchbox when I was young. And the thermos that matched the lunchbox! Our mothers really loved us to do all that.
amysarah January 12, 2012
I grew up Twinkie-deprived as well - my mother scoffed at them (though her attitude was pretty selective: Twinkies = bad; yet, Mallomars = acceptable? Go figure.) This only made Hostess stuff that much more exotic - clandestine Yodels and Ring Dings at friends' houses!
Panfusine January 11, 2012
Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!
bigpan January 11, 2012
I haven't had a Twinkie for 40 years - don't think I'll miss them.
MarcusV January 11, 2012
Hostess will likely be bought out by Nabisco or the like, and Hostess will become some kind of subsidiary company.
The real question is how in the world can you go bankrupt when you're selling for God's sake Twinkies?
SKK January 11, 2012
You got right to the heart of the matter, MarcusV!
susan G. January 11, 2012
I am giving serious thought to the Mayan calendar hypothesis.
bugbitten January 11, 2012
I've heard that the Mayan Calendar Hypothesis has a creamy filling and a long shelf life.
bugbitten January 11, 2012
Res ipsa loquitur, Ophelia. But are you hot or cold? (I married a lawyer.)
Ophelia January 11, 2012
I seriously doubt that this is the end of the twinkie, that's not really how bankruptcy works. If Hostess does actually go under, the company, products, recipes, production lines, etc. will be sold to a group unburdened by financial obligations, there probably won't even be a temporary shortage.
Ophelia January 11, 2012
gosh, I meant "unburdened by Hostesses financial burdens"
Which might be a very bad thing for their workers, seeing as one of the burdens that's currently causing problems at Hostess is that they underfunded pensions and insurance for their retired workers
SKK January 11, 2012
Thanks to someone somewhere! No more Deep Fried Hostess Twinkies and Twinkies Sushi (I kid you not).
Full disclosure: When I was a child, I loved the Twinkie and the Hostess Cupcake frozen. I will have to go back to DrBabs question and submit this as strange food.
cranberry January 11, 2012
How funny - we used to eat frozen ding dongs. I joke about it sometimes and my kids always ask me what a ding dong is.

I could care less about Twinkies going away (or ho-hos, or ding dongs or any of that type of product). I think they are pretty nasty and haven't eaten one since I was a little kid.
bugbitten January 11, 2012
cranberry, if I may say, it wasn't that you were just a little kid. We grew that world up together, and those early things we are now just getting put away.
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