My pound cakes always get hard around the ends when I bake it until center is done.. I have been making it for years.

geri schramm


grandrivergirl April 3, 2018
Lower temperature and longer baking time IMHO.
Nancy April 1, 2018
What baking pan are you using?
If Pyrex or glass, and cake baked at recipe temp, that may be part of the problem. If using such a pan, reduce oven temp by25F.
geri S. April 1, 2018
I am using metal bread pans with nonstick coating. I grease and flour them
Nancy April 2, 2018
Ok, so that hypothesis us bust.
BerryBaby April 1, 2018
Are you greasing the sides of the pan? Could be too much causing the sides to overcook. Or it could be your oven isn’t heating accurately. Do you have an oven thermometer? They are a wonderful tool.
grandrivergirl April 1, 2018
I think your oven's too hot.
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