bad end to 2018

Thanks for your email about not meeting year-end expectations for 2018.
Don't worry about it, your both doing MORE than fine.
You're going thru a process and it will all work out. Growing pains, No?
Stick with it we all love what you're doing

gene hughes


Amanda H. February 7, 2019
Hi all, Gene is referring to an email we sent to customers who shopped with us this past holiday season. We had a number of late shipment and stock issues, and we wanted to apologize for it. Gene, thank you for your kindness and understanding!
gene H. February 7, 2019
you're welcome
keep up the good work
Cary February 7, 2019
@Gene If your Food Hotline "question" is not for the general public, and not about food or cooking, this is not the place to post it. No need to be rude.
creamtea February 6, 2019
?? what did the email say exactly? I don't receive the emails!
gene H. February 6, 2019
that's because I didn't send it too creamtea
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