A question about a recipe: Chicken , Sausage and Red Pepper Paella

does the pan go in the oven without a lid?

  • Posted by: fuhsi
  • January 13, 2012


pierino January 13, 2012
The only reason to cover a paella is if you are using fresh shellfish and you need them to open. But you wouldn't want the lid on for very long anyway.
fuhsi January 13, 2012
"sweat," not "seat"
fuhsi January 13, 2012
Thanks so much for answering! I'm using a Le Creuset braiser, photo attached. Bought this for slow-cooking vegetables and find it amazing.

At low heat it becomes very hot and with small amounts of liquid, stirring every ten minutes or so, rooty vegetables "seat" and meld beautifully- in short, I highly recommend it!

Btw, I made the food52 paella contest dinner in it 3 times (stove top), having never made paella, or eating it, before and it was a consistent hit. Now looking for one with seafood.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 13, 2012
Not my recipe, but it's on my list to make since buying as paella pan. I would say no. Are you using a paellas pan?
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