White vs regular balsamic Vinegars

Aside from color, does regular balsamic vinegar and white balsamic vinegar taste similar? I have a recipe that calls for white...where you mix it with a black olive tapenade, but if the flavors are similar and all I have is regular, I will just use the regular.

  • Posted by: skittle
  • January 13, 2012


skittle January 14, 2012
Thank you for the responses! I will check out the previously posted question as well for even more information!
susan G. January 14, 2012
With black olives, I imagine that the red balsamic would be a better choice -- possibly in smaller quantity, so taste as you add.
cranberry January 14, 2012
I do not find they taste similar at all. That said, I do not buy fancy brands of these either. But the regular balsamic is sweeter and heavier in flavor than the white I have had. I have subbed white for regular in a couple of situations, but not regular for white.

I too would love to know what the "deal" is with white. It seems like a marketing gimmick to me, but it tastes smoother than regular white vinegar and we like it, so we use it.
SKK January 13, 2012
Hi skittle, I asked this question a couple of months ago a little differently. http://www.food52.com/hotline/8116-what-is-your-favorite-balsamic-vinegar Quite educational in all the responses. Our pierino had some things to say that were quite interesting and some other great info showed up. Check it out and may the conversation continue!
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