Looking for a dressing to put on a cabbage salad. Not coleslaw, just a salad with green cabbage instead of lettuce.



LornaFarris January 17, 2012
Apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, olive oil, a bit of black pepper and sea salt. Delicious and healthy!
susanm January 16, 2012
my favorite:
equal parts rice wine vinegar and peanut oil
a spoonful of orange marmalade
s + p
toasted sesame seeds
fresh mint if you have any
cranberry January 16, 2012
Oh this one sounds good. I'm going to try it.
TomB January 16, 2012
A great and simple dressing is seasoned rice vinegar that's it
RobertaJ January 16, 2012
Bleu cheese and ranch dressings also work very well over a cabbage salad. I'll frequently switch out cabbage for lettuce for my side salads, and use whatever dressing I have in the fridge.
cranberry January 16, 2012
I like an Asian style dressing over cabbage salad.
Sam1148 January 15, 2012
A Southern favorite in my home town is "John's Slaw Dressing". Which is served over "angle hair cut" raw cabbage.

It's a rather sweet almost 'catalina' style dressing but with mayo and a lighter color and slightly sweet.
Start with a Italian vinaigrette, add a tsp or so of sugar, Mayo and Ketchup to make a light terracotta color; more oil and lemon juice to adjust the taste and texture. salt and pepper of course.
Sam1148 January 15, 2012
My favorite is simple. Just olive oil, lime juice, garlic (powder; yeah I know..go the long way if you like), a touch of red pepper flakes and mustard, salt/pepper.
Cristina S. January 15, 2012
Mix some creme fraiche, lemon juice and mustard together in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and pepper, then toss in your cabbage. Or a mustard vinaigrette--a tablespoon of mustard shaken up with oil, white wine vinegar or lemon juice and salt and pepper.
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