app/small bites for heavy meal

I'm cooking for my boyfriends parents. We are a small group of just 4.
Alison Romans Braised Short Ribs, served over papardelle
Garlic bread

What easy and/or make ahead finger food would you suggest to start the night (considering the hearty meal and small group)

Stacy Isabel


arielcooks October 6, 2019
Olives! Of all kinds -- green, black, brown. Stuffed olives with almonds, garlic, jalapenos, or anchovies. Home-made tapenade with thin toasts made from a sourdough or French baguette. Many people enjoy mini-gherkins, too.
Bebewatson October 6, 2019
l always serve garlic bread with pasta! So I agree- no bread or heavy carb as appetizer....I would do a Green Goddess dip with fresh veggies & maybe pita chips.
A small bowl of assorted nuts or “cheese coins”, & that’s all you need!
Kristen W. October 2, 2019
I like a platter of roasted veggies with some bread and cheese, with some olive oil and a good balsamic on hand for drizzling. I also love the radishes and butter with bread idea. Along those lines, you can make a lovely pistou out of the radish tops (just stick the greens in a food pro with some EVOO a clove of garlic, S & P and that’s it. Then you can construct little open faced bites with bread, butter, the pistou, radish slices, and -for me most necessarily - salt. So fresh and bright and simple - and so so good. You could also leave the ingredients deconstructed and have your guests layer the toppings as they like.
Nancy October 1, 2019
Stacy Isabel - I can see wanting the garlic bread (or any good plain bread) to mop up the short-ribs sauce. But serving noodles AND bread sounds like too much, even to someone who loves carbs.
If you decide to remove one of the carbs in the main meal, that leaves room to use one of them in the appetizers.
Whether you stick to original menu or revise it, here are ideas:
• Danish sandwiches, mini (your choice)
• Fish, smoked or marinated, on crackers or canapes
• Pasta filled & fried, with dipping sauces (many examples from around the world, e.g., ravioli, samosa, kreplach)
• Pickles or pickled salad, alone or with some of the others
• Puff pastries, with savory fillings.
• Radishes with unsalted butter and slices of baguette
• Soup in shot glasses
• Tapas w/o bread - Spanish Tortilla, garlic shrimp, fried squid.
• Zakuski (Russian appetizers), 2 or 3
Drinks (depending on your food choices)
• Champagne, sherry or a regular wine that goes with your choices
• Tequila or vodka, iced
PHIL October 1, 2019
quick cheeseboard with nuts, pears, clementines , dried fruit , jams.
PHIL October 1, 2019
mozzarella tomato and grilled veggies
gandalf October 1, 2019
How about bruschetta, such as these:; If you do, the trick will be to get tomatoes that don't taste like cardboard, as store-bought ones often do -- perhaps you can get some at a farmer's market.

gandalf October 1, 2019
Well, I forgot that you are having garlic bread at dinner; so you might not want to overdo it by having a bread as part of your appetizer.

Perhaps the cheese board and nuts, as suggested by PHIL, with some fresh fruit -- grapes, cherries, strawberries, etc. -- to go along with 2 or 3 different types of cheese and crackers. Easy to assemble!
PHIL October 1, 2019
I was thinking the same thing but dinner is carb heavy with bread and pasta. You could possibly use the garlic bread with an appetizer.
PHIL October 1, 2019
small cheeseboard & crackers with union square bar nuts
caprese salad
shrimp cocktail , you can get shrimp already cooked.
smoked salmon fresh dill, creme fresh, toast points

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