Do avocados freeze well?

I have a box of avocados that I can't finish before they go bad. Do they freeze well? Do I need to do anything special to them?



RobertaJ January 20, 2012
They'll be fine if you want them for guacamole or sauces. The texture doesn't survive for use as slices or chunks, like in salads or sandwiches. Peel, seed and coat with lemon/lime juice, then put the halves into a zippy bag. But again, don't expect firm, satiny avocado slices when thawed.
MTMitchell January 19, 2012
Thank you for asking and answering this question. I have always wondered, and will now waste avocados no more!
nutcakes January 19, 2012
Meanwhile, place in the refigerator to retard ripening. Separate if possible.
SKK January 19, 2012
Pureed avocados freeze well if you include an acidic agent, lime or lemon juice, when you are pureeing them.
Best results with pureed, not cut, mashed, whole or chopped.
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