I'm in Germany, but I'm from America. I want to cook something for my host family. Any recommendations?

Keep in mind that I can't buy certain ingredients over here. (Like avocados) I'm going to a farmer's market tomorrow, too.



Lemongrass&Lime October 5, 2013
If you enjoy making pies you could always do a chicken pot pie with an apple pie for dessert.
ATL October 4, 2013
"Some problem" not "done problem"--sorry.
ATL October 4, 2013
I lived in Munich many years ago. Given the time of year, you might consider recreating your traditional Thanksgiving dinner. A group of American friends of mine did this and invited our German friends. If I remember correctly, we had done problem finding the turkey and cranberry sauce but triumphed in the end. It is a warm memory.
HalfPint October 4, 2013
The Casserole Article had me thinking about some more ideas for your dinner:

- Chicken and Dumplings, http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2010/12/chicken-and-dumplings/

- Chicken Spaghetti, here's a recipe without the canned soups,http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/02/creamy-chicken-spaghetti-casserole/

-Baked Mac N'Cheese, http://www.marthastewart.com/271998/perfect-macaroni-and-cheese
petitbleu October 4, 2013
Above all, make food you like to eat. If you're not a meatloaf person, don't make meatloaf. An English teacher once told me, "writers write best about what they know." The same applies to cooking. Make something you know and love.
HalfPint October 4, 2013
Some 'American' dinner ideas:
-fried chicken, mash potatoes w/ gravy, and biscuits
-chili con carne, cornbread
-pot roast
-bbq chicken or ribs
-pulled pork
One thing to remember - Northern Europeans are not big on spicy heat. So if you decide to make chili, make it really mild.

Round out the meal with apple pie.
pierino October 4, 2013
German tastes are not dissimilar to American ones and a lot of great American classics have German roots. I wouldn't try to serve them tacos though. You can of course find franfurters easily and possibly dress up a hot dog Chicago style; dragged through the garden. Onion, tomato, cucumber, pickle, mustard, some version of pickled hot pepper (in Chicago these are called sport peppers, kind of on the mild side). Absolutely no ketchup.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 4, 2013
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