How do you cook rice noodle

  • Posted by: tbone
  • January 19, 2012


nat666 January 20, 2012
The last time I cooked them I laid them flat in a baking dish ad poured boiling got water over them so that they were completely covered. After 8 minutes I poured the water and the noodles into a pot, added some more water and brought to a boil with some salt. After about 5 minutes the were tender and done and ready to eat.
I love to prepare dried rice noodles to make fresh Phad Thai! There are many different types of rice noodles though, all of which are chiefly made from rice flour. Depending on the thickness and length of your variety of rice noodles, and whether or not they are dried or fresh, cooking times vary. Many dried rice noodles require soaking before cooking. The type that I like to use for Phad Thai require soaking for 10 minutes in cold water before draining and cooking for a few more moments in a wok or saute pan with other flavorful components.
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