Can I make rice noodles the day before?

I want to bring a Vietnamese-style vermicelli salad for my office's lunch swap this week. How should I prepare/store the cooked noodles so they survive the night/next morning? Should I dress them in a little oil? Store them in cold water? Side note - anyone have a favorite recipe for a salad like this? Needs to be vegetarian. Thanks :)



nutcakes March 25, 2011
I'm thinking you can soak them while you chop the veggies....
beyondcelery March 25, 2011
I agree with nutcakes--store them drizzled in sesame oil. Toss them in the oil so it coats most of the noodles. You can also use peanut oil, if you want less flavor carry-over. Wrap plastic wrap around them as well to keep in their moisture. They'll be fine, though the texture will be slightly different than if you did them fresh.
nutcakes March 25, 2011
Yes you can make the day before but they take so little to soak I don't know that you'd need to. Don't store in water, they will become soft and mushy. Store drizzled with sesame oil, they will clump together terribly otherwise. I don't have a recipe I make, but this looks like a great blueprint (sorry I googled):

I like bean sprouts with them too. Also I would boil, just soak.
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