A question about a recipe: Lentil and Sausage Soup for a Cold Winter's Night

I have a question about step 2 on the recipe "Lentil and Sausage Soup for a Cold Winter's Night" from AntoniaJames. It says:

"Heat 2 T of oil or bacon fat with one of the bay leaves and gently saute the sausages, if they are not already cooked. If they are pre-cooked (or if not, once you've cooked them), slice them into ¾“ slices and brown them in the bacon fat or oil. Remove the sausage slices with a slotted spoon and set them aside.




kak10956 January 21, 2012
Thanks !
Amanda H. January 21, 2012
The sausage you have should work -- might be a little fattier, so just be ready to skim if needed.
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