When do you remove the bay leaves and do you leave it totally uncovered while it cooks or a lid or a tilted lid? I still see broth in the pic.



AntoniaJames April 9, 2020
Thanks, glammie (great name!) for chiming in.

I usually simmer with the lid tilted just a bit, so it doesn't get so hot that soup starts to stick to the bottom - though I should say that I've been making this soup in my Instant Pot multi-cooker (high pressure, lid clamped down, tightly, of course) lately. I'll post notes on adapting it when I can find the time within the next week or so.

Stay well, everyone. ;o)
glammie April 9, 2020
Remove the bay leaves before you eat it. It's *soup*. Of course, you see broth. Simmer it with the lid on.
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