Hi- I thawed homemade chicken stock yesterday (in the fridge) to make this soup however I don't have time today...How long will thawed stock last...

...in the fridge? Id prefer to make the soup on Monday after the weekend

Gotowanie Girl


thirschfeld February 5, 2016
If you let it thaw int the fridge it will be fine to use on Monday. If it makes you nervous boil it on Saturday or Sunday, cool it quickly and put it back into the fridge.
Susan W. February 5, 2016
Since it's Friday, I would stick it back in the freezer.
Coco E. February 5, 2016
If it's already thawed and you're not sure how long it's been in your freezer, I would add some water and boil it for a good five minutes just to sterilize any trace bacteria, then it will be good as new and you can keep it chilled in the fridge for a good 2 to 3 more days.
SeasonToTaste February 5, 2016
The rule of thumb in most food safety guidelines is 2-3 days in the fridge for chicken stock. What you're proposing stretches that a bit, but I'd say that is is probably fine. Even better if the stock is not yet fully thawed. In my fridge, something frozen solid can easily take 2 days to thaw. If that is true for you too, that stretches your window a bit.
SMSF February 5, 2016
I would stick the stock back in the freezer now (Friday) then move it to the refrigerator on Sunday.
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