A question about a recipe: Soy Corn Bread

I have a question about the ingredient "Soy pulp Okara" on the recipe "Soy Corn Bread" from Gita. Is there a substitute for the okara? I have recipes which use it, but no source for the crucial ingredient.

susan g
  • Posted by: susan g
  • January 21, 2012
Cornbread with Soy Milk
Recipe question for: Cornbread with Soy Milk


meiko June 21, 2021
I was looking for a soy grits cornbread recipe and found this. I happen to have okara but do you think the soy grits can replace the corn meal? I need a low-carb option.
susan G. January 21, 2012
This has brought me back to considering soymilk making, which (as the headnote of the recipe says) results in okara. Start soaking soybeans!
Sagegreen January 21, 2012
I read that you could drain and press tofu overnight, then crumble it as a subsitute: Here is a link to more info about it.
You can also find videos for making your own okara online if you wanted-
But I wonder if you could find it at an Asian market?

Sagegreen January 21, 2012
and I can't type today: substitute. Anyway hope the suggestions help. If I find some my way, I will pick some up for you!
the R. January 21, 2012
My bad, I didn't read your question correctly. Good Luck anyway.
the R. January 21, 2012
I went to Google and found several site with recipe suggestions. Good Luck
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