Question about condensed milk...

I am going to make a recipe for mac and cheese with cauliflower tonight and it calls for condensed milk. I am only familiar with the super sweet variety, which I would imagine, would taste too sweet with mac and cheese. The recipe doesn't specify "sweentened" at all, so shoudl I assume it is, or perhaps should I try condensed milK or something less sweet?



Slow C. January 21, 2012
I've gotten out of using evaporated or condensed milk, trying to stay away from things that are pre-processed. You can make your own by simmering milk or cream gently until it starts to thicken (about 1/2 hour, without sugar for evaporated, with sugar for condensed, might need to simmer longer). Just as an aside, I use regular milk or cream when i make mac 'n cheese, in your recipe you probably can too.
lorigoldsby January 21, 2012
The difference between the two is there is sugar in the condensed milk. Not knowing which recipe you are using...the only reason I can guess they would call for the condensed milk is if they are trying to disguise the taste of overcooked cauliflower? If its not roasted to produce a natural carmelized sweetness, it can be bitter if overcooked. Sometimes cooks who advocate "hiding" veggies in kids' foods, resort to tricks like this.
sixelagogo January 21, 2012
would NOT use condensed guess is that yer recipe writer was either crazy or made the mistake of saying condensed milk instead of EVAPORATED.
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