Skirt steak

Would skirt steak work as a good option for a Philly cheese steak sandwich? I know it's supposed to be top round or sirloin, but I found a good deal for skirt steak last week and bought it. If it won't work, any other suggestions for what I could do with it? I'd prefer something like a sandwich or a salad or even like a taco. Thanks!



pierino January 22, 2012
Korean barbecue tacos. I have a recipe posted for "Mysteries of Koreatown" which can be adapted to skirt steak easily.
KateMonteiro January 22, 2012
Skirt steak can be a little tough for a Philly cheese steak. I like to serve it with a
Chimichichurri sauce garlic cilantro lime juice
Olive oil etc. delicious. It can be placed on a bead of greens and the sauce as a type of dressing
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