What can I make with sage (fresh ) and mozzarella ? Anything?!



amysarah January 22, 2012
Haven't made this in a while, but Mozzarella in Carozza is like the ultimate gooey, luscious, cheesy dish. May not be classic, but I've tucked fresh sage leaves inside, sometimes a bit of chopped anchovy too. (And now I want some this minute.) It's not really a 'recipe' kind of thing for me - I just kind of eyeball it - but here's Mario Batali's version as a template: http://www.mariobatali.com/recipes_carozza.cfm (if you use sage, I'd skip the thyme he uses.)
Devangi R. January 22, 2012
I make a sandwich using cashew butter, fried or sauteed sage leaves with tofu marinated in soy sauce with caramelized onions, arugula and some garlic aioli..you can use the leftover mozzarella ...I use baguette for this sandwich...
MauraKaras January 22, 2012
Check epicurious.com. I typed in sage mozzarella and 5 recipes came up
pierino January 22, 2012
I agree on the pizza idea, but hardlikearmour, sottocenere means "under ashes"; the cheese has an ash coating rather than truffle. But it's a damn good cheese. I definitely agree on the idea of frying the sage leaves for maybe a bruschetta. I was going to put up a recipe "Don't call it BROO-SHETTA" for the sage and walnut theme but missed deadline. Hopefully the mozzarella mentioned is fresh and not low moisture.
hardlikearmour January 22, 2012
The sottocerene used on the pizza I had did have truffles, so it must've been some variation! I always bow to your knowledge of food and Italian!
pierino January 22, 2012
Sottocenere is a very complex cheese which may include slivers of truffes. It's actually pretty hard to find. Only one of my various cheese reference books even mentions it. But the name does refer to the ash on the outside.
hardlikearmour January 22, 2012
I've recently had a pizza that uses fresh mozzarella and fried sage leaves combined with sottocenere (Italian cheese with flakes of black truffle) that was amazingly delicious. There was recently a contest for best walnuts and sage that may offer some inspiration as well.
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