Forty-miners pancake recipe? Like those from "Original Pancake House"

In the Chicago area, we have "Walker Brothers Original Pancake House" and they serve a delicious, thin, eggy pancake called a "Forty-Niner". They are as big as the plate, and as thin as a crepe but almost "rubbery" for lack of a better term, and delicious. I haven't been able to locate a recipe. Anyone have an idea?

  • Posted by: allans
  • January 22, 2012


allans January 22, 2012
Thanks! This doesn't seem right as there isn't enough flour, but I'll try it anyway.
sdebrango January 22, 2012
Maybe add a little extra flour, play with it. Hope it works out they sound great!
sdebrango January 22, 2012
Hardlikearmour has a recipe for an egg pancake maybe this would be similar
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