Can egg yolks be saved or frozen for later use. How about whites? Always feel wasteful to throw out the opposite of the recipe.



allans January 23, 2012
i always freeze my whites or yolks separately. whites are saved for angel food cake, (measured by volume, and the yolks are saved in groups of 3 for Bearnaise sauce
mainecook61 January 23, 2012
When I get 16 oz. of frozen whites, I thaw and make an angel food cake.
boulangere January 23, 2012
Good point, cookinalong. For reference, the average large (the size all recipes are predicated upon, unless otherwise specified) EW is equal to 1 fluid ounce, and the average EY equals .66 of a fluid ounce. If you know that, you can translate back into number quantities. If a recipe calls for 6 EW, you need 6 fluid ounces of EW. If a recipe calls for 4 EY, you need 2 2/3 ounces fluid of EY.
cookinalong January 22, 2012
Also, it's a good idea to label the container with the number of yolks and, of course, the date!

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boulangere January 22, 2012
Yes! Both can easily be frozen, thawed and used. To freeze yolks, be sure to first whisk them together, then freeze them. There is a membrane surrounding the yolk which tends to toughen by being frozen, then turn to clumps when thawed. That said, even though I whisk yolks before freezing, I still pass them through a fine sieve with a spatula after they're thawed. Whites are fine being frozen just as they are.
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