Tender Yellow Cake: egg question

1) I am halving the recipe, which calls for 3 large eggs, separated. I have only jumbo eggs. Would I use 1 jumbo egg as the equivalent of of 1-1/2 large eggs (the whites are beaten separately and folded in). I do have some frozen whites that have been in the freezer--for awhile. I could add one...

  • Posted by: creamtea
  • November 29, 2013


creamtea November 30, 2013
Thank you all for your help; I halved the recipe and used 1 yolk but a little more than 1 white from jumbo eggs (long story; I mucked up the whites the first time by adding the larger amount of sugar that was supposed to be added to the yolks, and had to do it over). But next time I think I'll make the full recipe in a larger springform with the extra egg and slice into layers. It was scrumptious as Boston Cream Pie. Invited kids (for my daughters birthday) kept taking more helpings and I had to spirit the last wedge away to the kitchen to be able to sneak a midnight snack. I should be a more generous hostess. But I love that cake. ;)
sdebrango December 1, 2013
I also use this cake for Boston Cream Pie, which is my absolute favorite, I requested it as a child every year for my Birthday. So glad you liked it.
sdebrango November 29, 2013
I agree with Regine, I don't think it would be a problem to use 3 jumbo eggs.
Regine November 29, 2013
Creamtea I have made this cake several times using 4 large eggs rather than 3 because from experience I prefer it with 4 eggs. A bit less crumbly yet still very light. So 3 jumbo eggs should be fine. I love this recipe even with just 3 eggs but I prefer it even more with 4 eggs. So just go ahead and use your 3 jumbo eggs.
Monita November 29, 2013
A large egg weighs 2oz and a jumbo 2.5. 2/3 is the white part. So it would seem that 1 jumbo is about 1.5 large
sdebrango November 29, 2013
Here is a great equivalency chart hope this is helpful, it says if the recipe calls for 3 large you would use 2 jumbo
sdebrango November 29, 2013
Hi Creamtea, thats kind of a tough one, but I will look up weight equivalents for eggs. I have found very little difference between large and xtra large eggs but have never bought jumbo before. I would definitely use an extra egg white. Will be back after looking up the jumbo egg equivalents.
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