kale in smoothies

I like adding kale to my smoothies, but I sometimes have a harder time finding the lacinato (or dinosau kale) variety, which is what I prefer. Has anyone ever used the regular/curlier kale variety in something like a smoothie that requires a smoother texture?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • January 23, 2012


bac January 23, 2012
I drink a kale and spinach smoothie every morning. Any raw kale will work. I think the key is adding some fibrous fruit to make it smooth and creamy. And blend on high for a long time. Good options are banana, apple, strawberries and mango. I also add celery, cucumber and carrots to amp up the nutrition
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I agree with Hilarybee, any type of kale will work! I like to add raw cacoa powder, a banana and coconut milk to give it a good, creamy texture. And it's smooth and delicious!
coralwisp January 23, 2012
I'm new to kale but really love it!! Do you cook the kale first or use raw?
Hilarybee January 23, 2012
I use whatever kale/spinach I have on hand. I think the key is to blend it until completely smooth and no kale bits are visible. I haven't noticed a difference in taste or texture when using different kale. Kale smoothie tastes different than spinach, but as for the texture, I haven't noticed anything.

I generally use a frozen banana and/or almond butter to add a smoother texture to the smoothie. My recipe:
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