What is the best kale recipe you have ever made? I am looking for something to serve with pizza, thanks!

I am bringing a side dish to a pizza party and I happen to have some kale; my husband is not a huge fan of kale so I think it needs to be gussied up with bacon or sausage or something else! I would rather cook the kale then massage it but I am open to that too if it truly is amazing!



Miss_Karen July 4, 2018
Caldo Verde soup!
Ttrockwood July 3, 2018
This is my all around go to kale salad, although i often swap around what dressing i use. Usually i cut the kale very thin after removing the stems and massage it with a little dressing and pinch of salt and let it sit in the fridge anywhere from an hour to several days (it’s amazing to make a big batch and it softens with time). Then just before serving i add the other ingredients- I really like the crunch of the nuts and chewy texture of the raisins here with the fresh veggies.
I’ve made it for kale salad haters and they went for seconds :))
Sadassa_Ulna July 2, 2018
Thanks, everyone!
Maria G. July 1, 2018
Fried kale, it is crispy and delicious! Add a bit of sea salt.
Regine June 28, 2018
Megan June 28, 2018
This is my favorite.. it might not be what you're looking for this time (it's raw and the flavors might not be the best match for pizza-- although I would eat it as a side with pizza!) but I recommend you try it sometime anyway! https://food52.com/recipes/18080-lacinato-kale-mint-salad-with-spicy-peanut-dressing
beth M. June 28, 2018
I always cook kale, it's just too harsh on my stomach raw and it tastes so good cooked! My very favorite way is a version of kale goma ae. I toast up some sesame seeds, grind them into a rough paste, add some miso, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and maple syrup. Should be tangy and nutty and salty and not too sweet. Then I sauté the kale just in a pan like normal with oil and toss it all together at the end.
Stephanie G. June 28, 2018
I serve this salad with pizza often. It's a classic.
Prathima June 28, 2018
I serve this one with pizza all the time as well. I concur that it's a classic, and often the gateway kale dish for many of my vegetable-averse friends.
Smaug June 28, 2018
Portuguese caldo verde is the best, but you'd have to find edible linguica, which seems to have become impossible unless you have a Spanish Table store nearby.
BakerBren June 28, 2018
I often make a kale salad to serve with my wood-fired pizza, although I often cut it so it is about half kale and half romaine or savoy cabbage depending on the texture I'm aiming for. Like arcane 54 suggested, massaging kale with a little salt is a nice way to soften it and toasted nuts and cheeses are nice with kale as are dried fruits and mustard. I usually cut up an entire apple to add to the salad--either as a small dice or julienned with a mandoline. A truly important key when prepping the kale is how it's cut. I think Serious Eats has an article on this, but make sure you cut out the stalk/rib, and slice across the remaining leaf halves in very small strips like you'd use in coleslaw so the pieces are small and you don't end up with a mouthful of uncut kale. Lentil sprouts and carrots play nicely with kale as well.
arcane54 June 28, 2018
I massage it with a bit of oil and salt, add crumbled feta, toasted walnuts, dried cherries and dress it with a pomegranate molasses dressing (with a bit more oil, mustard, garlic). A great counterpoint to the richness of pizza.
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