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Hi. I don't think this is the right forum for this question, but I've written to the editors and not heard back (I know you're super busy! but wanted to reach out here in case this has been answered previously). Anyway, my questions are:
1- If I've saved someone's recipe but would now like to remove it from my "saved recipes" list, how do I do so?
2- What happened to the activity log that used to run along the righthand side of the screen when we clicked on our food52 name (in the upper left corner)? Is anyone else not seeing that anymore?
3- Where are the EP recipe candidates posted when dibs-taking commences? Is that announced via twitter? On the hotline? I'm always late to those conversations...
Many thanks!!



cookinginvictoria January 23, 2012
I can't respond authoratively to #2, but as for #3, I believe that Community Pick Candidates that can be tested by users are put up on Thursdays. The time varies -- it can be as early as late morning (Pacific Standard time), but sometimes it's later in the day. I've found the best way to be apprised of these is just to keep checking the site on Thursdays. The post can always be found under the Articles tab on the site, and it is also posted on the left hand side of the Contests page. In addition, the editors usually send a Twitter message with a link. Hope this helps.
Tarragon January 23, 2012
I can answer your first question only - to remove a saved recipe, there should be a "remove" box to the lower right of each recipe's name on your saved list. Just click on that. Alternatively, in the recipe, click on the box that says "I saved this Recipe". It will change to "Save this Recipe" and it is gone from your saved list.
em-i-lis January 23, 2012
Wonderful! Many thanks, tarragon!!!
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