How do I alphabetize my collections under the “save” button? (1st asked by MIKEDALENA)ENA

You have asked the question and I also would like the answer. A to Z, not 'A' three quarters down a long list of saved collections. With 410 views we surely can't be the only two people wanting to know how to solve this problem.

I would also like the ability to SAVE certain Hotline/Discussion questions & answers rather than search through them again. The ability to categorize them would also be helpful.



lottoqueen August 17, 2021
To Food 52-Community:
I am referring to the 'actual recipe page' that has 'save' 'review' 'print' below the recipe photo. The 'save' column is a jumbled mess, not in alphabetical order. Arranging my collection in the Profile page by Title (A to Z) does not solve the problem. i have taken a screen shot. I tried to magnify it, hopefully it's visible.
Emily K. August 24, 2021
So sorry to keep you waiting here! We see what you mean, and you're right—at this time it's not possible to alphabetize your collections that appear when you click "Save" on any recipe. We understand that can be frustrating and really appreciate your feedback. Know that we're keeping it in mind, and you'll be the first to know once this functionality becomes available! And if there's anything else we can do in the meantime, please feel free to reach us directly at [email protected]—we're happy to help.
Emily K. August 13, 2021
Hi there! You can arrange your collections in alphabetical order by logging into your account, viewing your profile page, clicking "Sort by" and selecting "Title." And we really appreciate your feedback re saving Hotline threads—while this functionality isn't available right now, we'll be sure to keep it in mind!
Pmwoodward March 2, 2023
Help! I can’t even find the “sort by” choice or option in profile! Can you tell me exactly how to navigate to that place? I have Googled it and cannot find where this spot is. And I need to sort my collections alphabetically very badly! 🤦‍♀️ Thank you in advance. 👍🏼
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