I'm going to make large Italian meatball filling Raviolis do I need to pre-cook the meat meat

I'm using pizza dough from a tin and rolling it out will this slow down the meat from cooking?
thanks Fred R

  • Posted by: frilet1
  • February 16, 2022


MMH February 17, 2022
This an idea that begs for a recipe
Nancy February 17, 2022
Good idea! Got >3 million hits when searching "ravioli filled with Italian meatball." One that looked especially good was fried, then dipped in marinara.
MMH February 17, 2022
Ya - definitely not something where you can wing it.
frilet1 February 18, 2022
I've worked up a recipe and plan on trying it out soon.
thanks Frilet1
Nancy February 16, 2022
Also, implied and needed - for safety - maximum time meat at room temp is 2 hours. Either store in cold conditions (fridge or freezer) or cook thoroughly and return to cold storage.
AntoniaJames February 16, 2022
aargersi as usual is spot on, here. I'd only add that anything "large" says to me at least some pre-cooking would be a good idea, to avoid issues with the meatball filling be underdone when whatever wrapper / outside you use for the raviolis, or calzone, is done cooking.
aargersi February 16, 2022
So are you talking about a boiled ravioli? Or baked? I ask because pizza dough won’t lend itself to boiling, baking should be ok but I would cook the meat filling first. I think if you are baking it’s actually a calzone. If you’re boiling you might want to pivot to wonton wrappers, and in this case you do not need to pre Cook the meat. I would do one test run to see how long it takes in the pot for the meat to be cooked through. Good luck!
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