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Can I substitute egg yolks for whole eggs in a flaugnarde (clafoutis not made with cherries)? I've heard it's the whites that taste "eggy".

I ask because my son, when he was home between semesters, remarked that a pear flaugnarde I'd prepared tasted too eggy. I'll be making another this week, so I am wondering whether this will solve the problem. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)

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asked about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

Yes, you can. You might want to leave one whole egg in for texture, but go ahead and replace the rest with yolks. I'd suggest this replacement: Count your number of whole eggs. The whites will equal 1 fluid oz. each. Replace that amount with yolks, which equal .66 oz each. Sounds luscious.