Can I substitute egg yolks for whole eggs in a flaugnarde (clafoutis not made with cherries)? I've heard it's the whites that taste "eggy".

I ask because my son, when he was home between semesters, remarked that a pear flaugnarde I'd prepared tasted too eggy. I'll be making another this week, so I am wondering whether this will solve the problem. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)

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1 Comment

boulangere January 24, 2012
Yes, you can. You might want to leave one whole egg in for texture, but go ahead and replace the rest with yolks. I'd suggest this replacement: Count your number of whole eggs. The whites will equal 1 fluid oz. each. Replace that amount with yolks, which equal .66 oz each. Sounds luscious.
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