Wildcard Winners

How do you find wildcard winners on the new site? I've looked everywhere and can't figure it out.



pierino January 25, 2012
I'm not enjoying the serendipity of Larry the Cable Guy.
susan G. January 25, 2012
Try this: point the cursor to Contests at the top of the page, go to Past Winners, and they seem to be there, right up to the latest. I just discovered this by accident yesterday!
I've seen comments/complaints (?) that a website should be 'intuitive' but I don't mind, actually enjoy, this kind of serendipity. (Even though I am 70-ish, referring to another recent Hotline question.)

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mrslarkin January 25, 2012
The newest one is on the home page here, in the box with the scrolling pictures. It also comes through on the food52 twitter feed.

It'd be really helpful if it could be added to the "features" tab. It doesn't look like the wildcard winners are searchable as a category. Can we get this to be, editors?
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