Food color for cake is different from food color in the icing..

I want to make a cake which has like a pink color in it..i have never prepared cakes with food color, so which brand is good and what should i look into while buying one. And, whether or not the same food color can be used in frosting also...if making a butter cream ..

Devangi Raval


Devangi R. January 26, 2012
Thanks everyone ! I would look for Wilton ! Will upload the pic after feb 14th ..
sdebrango January 25, 2012
I like to use gel food coloring the color is more intense than the food coloring you find in the supermarket. The same food coloring can be used for both the cake and frosting. I just looked at one bottle and its made by Americolor I use the red to make pink you only need a few drops and can easily control how intense you want your color. I also have Spectrum gel color. Both in my opinion are good.
hardlikearmour January 25, 2012
For the frosting it'll be better to use a paste food coloring. Brand shouldn't matter much - I usually use CK, but Wilton will probably be more available and I've had good success with it. You should be able to tint the cake with it as well.
Louisa January 25, 2012
I use the Wilton paste also, and the nice thing is they offer pink as well as red, and the pink is different than just using less red--I think the pink is a rosier color.
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