the question is regarding the ingredient : roasted it normal cornmeal roasted at home or there is pre-packaged roasted cornmeal?

I have a question about step 1 on the recipe "walnut-sage anadama bread" from janeofmanytrade. It says:

"the night before you will bake the bread, combine the cornmeal and the boiling water in a bowl. mix completely, cover and allow it to sit out at room temperature until you are ready to mix the dough. peter reinhart calls this a "soaker""

Walnut-Sage Anadama Bread
Recipe question for: Walnut-Sage Anadama Bread


janeofmanytrade January 26, 2012
the recipe does not require roasted cornmeal-any kind will work. it just happens that i have 4 different types of cornmeal in my fridge and decided to use the roasted yellow cornmeal. made by haldeman mills of manheim, pa, it is marketed as brinser's best yellow corn meal. all of their cornmeal is roasted, it gives it a bit of color and a deeper flavor. i bought this bag at a local store that sells amish products but i have seen it in other places too. the website may offer more info, you could also try toasting some of your cornmeal at home, it is more of a flavor and texture ingredient than one of structure so i do not think that you should have any problems roasting your own or using a different non roasted cornmeal.
ruzyreez January 26, 2012
oh i see! thanks so much for your reply, it's very helpful! i'm going to try to bake this bread soon :)
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