Help dressing up pinto beans

I don't have any tomato sauce, and I didn't save any bean liquor from the can. I do have tomatoes,poblanos, red bell, onions, BBQ sauce. And beer. Anyone who can help me come up with a quick mix, it's almost time to eat.



Kristen W. July 25, 2012
Or, another variation for next time: roast onions, tomatoes, & peppers under broiler (even better if you have some garlic in there too) skin the tomatoes & peppers, and purée all of the veg in a blender. Then cook that mixture down a bit in a skillet, maybe with a little beer, and then add the beans. The roast-purée-cook down procedure is a Mexican technique that Rick Bayless describes in many of his salsa recipes. It yields really intense, deep flavor and IMHO is worth the extra work.
susan G. July 24, 2012
Hope you enjoyed dinner!
Another time, for a cold dinner, marinate the beans in a vinaigrette, chop the vegetables and add -- and BBQ sauce sounds like a good seasoning. You could even slightly mash it at this point as a salsa like dip with chips.
nutcakes July 24, 2012
ok, well that was really a no brainer. I sauteed onion and garlic, added tomatoes that I pureed in the blender, cooked that down with a little beer, added roasted bell and poblano peppers and BBQ and it hardly needed any salt. Tastes good now the proof is in the eating.
MTMitchell July 24, 2012
Could you sauté the onions and peppers until they're a little brown, deglaze with a small amount of beer, add tomatoes until they give up a little juice, stir the beans in and warm them up and serve with rice? I'd salt and pepper along the way and maybe add a little cumin if you have it. I'm not expert to be sure but that's what I'd do. And it sounds way better than what I had for dinner.
nutcakes July 24, 2012
Drats, I meant to mark this urgent.
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