Veg. Stock

Making veg. stock in the pressure cooker. Had the gasket in wrong and most of liquid escaped. I've fixed the gasket. May I use the same veg that's in there? Or must I start from scratch?

Robert B


Robert B. January 29, 2012
SKK & HeritageCook: Vegetables still had good flavor, so I just added more water and re-processed. It came out fine. I'm sure it would have been better if I added more vegetables, but I don't think the quality was compromised more than a tiny bit. Thanks!
HeritageCook January 28, 2012
I would keep what you already have, add more vegetables and liquid and build it up again.
SKK January 28, 2012
The question is do the vegetables have anything in the way of flavor left to give? Taste them and see.
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