Why does it call for beef consomme? What happens if beef stock is used? Where I live, I can't get consomme. Thank you!

Asian Soy & Ginger Chicken Wings
Recipe question for: Asian Soy & Ginger Chicken Wings


CatalunaLilith January 29, 2012
Consomme is stock that has been cooked with a "float" to absorb some of the particles in it to make it clearer and more flavorful. A good beef stock will have as much gelatin in it as a consomme, and the clearness of the consomme isn't important in this recipe. so a good quality, gelatin rich, beef stock will work just fine for this. If you want to make your own consume from beef stock here's how to do it http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/chicken-consomme-with-snipped-herbs-recipe/index.html that particular how to uses chicken stock but it works just as well with any other stock, including beef
HeritageCook January 28, 2012
Thank you for your question. There is a very specific reason to use consomme rather than beef stock. Consomme has gelatin in it which works with the other ingredients to make these wings have the beautiful stickiness we all love. You can use stock in place of it, the sauce just won't have the same consistency. If you have access to powdered gelatin, you can dissolve a little of that in the beef stock and get very close to the same results as the original recipe. Let me know if you have any more questions.
thirschfeld January 28, 2012
I can't imagine using consomme for this recipe. Maybe they were thinking Campbell in the can. Beef stock would work just the same.
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