Does anyone have any recipes or tips of have to cook a lamb shoulder?

We bought a lamb share this year and I am stumped as to what to do with the shoulder.

  • Posted by: naro
  • January 28, 2012


naro January 28, 2012
Thanks do much for your answers. I want to try so many of these recipes.
Shazza January 28, 2012
is it bone in? or bone-less? Either way I would rub it with S and P. Some garlic, rosemary (fresh), and lemon zest. Place it in a covered oven proof dish, or dutch oven with about 2 cups of white wine. (you could also add a mirepoix if you want). 300* for 3-4 hrs should do it depending on the size. Will be 'fall of the bone' tender. Serve with some Pita bread, tsatziki, and a greek salad.....yum!
Greenstuff January 28, 2012
You'll want to cook it slowly. Here's a nice little article from the San Francisco Chronicle. It should get you salivating.
And here's what you get if you search Food52 recipes.
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