Can I add ham hock to a lentil soup recipe that also includes diced tomatoes?

  • Posted by: lcast
  • January 29, 2012


lcast January 30, 2012
Thanks everyone! Not only did it turn out well, but my two- and four-year-old ate it!
Amanda H. January 30, 2012
Oh, great! Congrats!
inpatskitchen January 29, 2012
I just made a small pot of lentil soup with bacon and tomato...sure wish I had that ham hock!!
amysarah January 29, 2012
Sure, why not? It will be all the better for it.
CatalunaLilith January 29, 2012
sure, it will change the flavor a good deal. i have no clue if it will be to the better or worst. keep us updated please!
pierino January 29, 2012
No! Send it to me instead ;-)
Amanda H. January 29, 2012
Yes, sure!
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