I'm making a tomato chorizo red lentil soup and I've added too much paprika! Any suggestions to save it?

I can't toss it because the chorizo and chicken stock are the best quality. Should I just add more lentils?



SeaJambon October 24, 2012
Another option (depending on the recipe -- you'll know whether this sounds good) may be to add a scoop of sour cream to the top of the soup when you serve it -- it may be exactly what you need to calm things down (or maybe stir in some grated cheddar or similar cheese -- again to calm things down).

Good luck!
Kristen M. October 24, 2012
Depending on how off it is, a squeeze of lemon or some sherry or red wine vinegar might make it all come together.

Or you can add more lentils, though you may need to add more of the other ingredients too -- more liquid if it's getting too thick, more tomato, salt, etc. if it's going bland.
AmyCurry October 24, 2012
Thank you! I feel like there's too much acid already. Maybe something was off w my canned tomatoes. The vinegar shifted the high note away from paprika but there's still something overpowering the other flavors. I appreciate you taking time to answer!
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