Ideas for a ladies' lunch

I'm hosting a ladies' lunch for around 10 women. Was thinking of a big salad, a soup, some sort of grain, and fish. We keep kosher, so it has to be all dairy. Any ideas, especially for the main course?

Brette Warshaw


lloreen January 31, 2012
Oops! Spinach instead of sorrel!!!
lloreen January 30, 2012
How about Mrs Wheelbarrow's salmon in sorrel cream sauce.
I made it with spinach instead of salmon and it was delicious. I think you can make the cream sauce right before your guests arrive, then reheat it gently as you are broiling the salmon. It is very quick and the presentation is elegant.
Served with a citrus and mint pearled barley or quinoa
nutcakes January 29, 2012
Salmon, lemon rice, spinach and raspberry salad. Desserts is open. I have all the recipes that will give you the right portion size and shopping list (a book I have) but I haven't made it. Sounds foolproof to me.
allans January 29, 2012
Here is the link to the egg salad/asparagus sandwich recipe.
They realty are very good.

allans January 29, 2012
Martha Stewart had an asparagus/egg salad "tea sandwich" some years back. Crustless bread, egg salad made with yolks only, and layered with asparagus. They have always been a hit whenever I served them. I try to locate the recipe if you're interested, or search her site for "asparagus and egg salad tea sandwiches"
SKK January 29, 2012
I am confused by the statement 'it has to be all dairy'. Here are several great recipes that may or may not fit what you are looking for
amysarah January 29, 2012
SKK, in the kosher kitchen, there are 'meat meals' and 'dairy meals' and you can't mix the two...doesn't mean it has to literally be all dairy - it just can't contain any meat. Vice versa, a 'meat' meal can't contain any dairy products. Fish can go either way, as can vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. (Never been kosher myself, but have known lots who are.)
SKK January 29, 2012
Thanks, amysarah. Very instructive.
amysarah January 29, 2012
No problem, SKK - one disclaimer: I'm far from an expert on the subject, but that's the basic meat/dairy gist (along with the other restrictions like no pork, shellfish, etc.) I'm sure many here know far more than I do about it.
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