Does anyone know how to upload a recipe from iPad ?

My laptop is not working, and I am unable to upload a recipe from iPad or iPhone. When I click on the orange icon on the right hand side of the page it does take me to my account but I cannot upload my recipes.

Devangi Raval


Margaret P. February 1, 2012
OK- since no else has answered, I'll tell you what I do. Keep in mind, I'm no techno-genius, but this works for me: I forward (e-mail) the recipe to myself, print it out & put it in my recipe binder. I also use a recipe program, so I cut and paste into that. There's probably a simpler way, but this works well enough.
susan G. February 1, 2012
Devangi R. February 1, 2012
I did 2/3 days back. No reply yet...seems they are very busy...
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