Ad taking over FOOD52 page

OK, here's a new one. The Clairol ad which is appearing on the right-hand side of the Food52 page has a mind of its own and randomly takes over the FOOD52 home page, causing the dreaded black screen to descend over the homepage content. It won't go away unless I close out the FOOD52 site. I know my roots need touching up, but ....

  • Posted by: wssmom
  • October 25, 2011


AntoniaJames October 26, 2011
Help! Sorry to hijack this question, but the Hotline is not accepting any of my questions. Otherwise I'd post it. (Actually, I wouldn't need to now, would I?) It seems that I can post answers, but the Hotline won't accept new questions from me. What should I do? Thank you. ;o)
Amanda H. October 25, 2011
Haha! I've had that happen a few times, as well. We'll ask about it -- thanks for bringing it to our attention!
creamtea October 25, 2011
For me too but I can x it out. However, it or any other ad enlarges the minute I (inadvertently) scroll across it. I guess maybe a newer style of ad is more touch sensitive? I guess it's the way to pay the rent?
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