Ideas for celery?

Just regular celery, I have a bunch and would like to use it as a side dish tonight. Also having chicken and rutabaga. I looked on this webside but most recipes were for salads with ingredients I currently don't have on hand. I tempted to gratin it. Thoughts? Thanks. Also, foodpickle is not working with the IPad for some reason, it tells me 'server is busy'.

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amysarah October 29, 2011
This is spooky - because not 10 minutes ago, I was looking at a huge bag of celery (3 heads) I bought at Sam's (like Costco) with no particular intention. While I regularly use it as an ingredient - in soups, stews, stir fries, stuffing, etc. - or chop it up for tuna/egg/chicken salad, I've never really understood it in a starring role. Yet, I hear people rave about it. Clearly, I'm celery-challenged...and would love to be enlightened.
Sam1148 October 29, 2011
I really miss the edit button on "hotline"..So I tend to multi post to adjust...I should have said braise the celery, onion (maybe in beer) until soft, then add the sauerkraut and some caraways seed. I'd go very light on the sauerkraut element tho. Just give it a bit of acidic zing.
Sam1148 October 29, 2011
Oh maybe that saute suggestion some sauerkraut, onions and caraway seeds would pare well with the chicken and rutabaga. (I'm thinking German here for the side dish).
Sam1148 October 29, 2011
How about a creme of celery soup (onion, a small potato cubed, garlic, celery--sauteed and simmered with chicken stock and pureed) topped with sour cream and dill. Might be a bit heavy with the chicken and rutabaga tho.

You could just sautee in some garlic and olive oil and dress with some lemon juice and herbs. Maybe a touch of caraways seeds would work with that?
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