Suggest and appetizer?

I'm making a birthday dinner for a friend this weekend. I'm doing a chopped salad and a pasta with a short rib ragu. What appetizer would you suggest with this? I can't do anything involving shellfish. Thanks!

  • Posted by: skittle
  • February 1, 2012


skittle February 1, 2012
Well, he's a big wine fan and has insisted on bringing the wine. So no cocktails.
I would love a soup though he's not a soup fan (the horror!)

Those polenta squares sound like a good option though.

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Summer O. February 1, 2012
Cheese board with fruit or fruits pastes and marinated veggies is always popular and minimizes time. You could also do a caponata, polenta squares with sauteed mushrooms on top, stuffed grape leaves, Serrano ham wrapped asparagus, pate, canapes or tartlets.
ChefJune February 1, 2012
Do you want something to serve with cocktails/wine in the living room, or a first course for the table?

How about a soup? Pureed broccoli (esp the stems!) with chicken stock is super simple and really tasty. And since it is February, and likely to be cold (at least somewhere in US!) soup is always welcome.
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