short ribs

Short ribs on sale at local very good market. I don't have much experience cooking them but want to make a braise for a family company dinner. Amount to plan on per person for bone in? Favorite recipes and sides?



Susan W. June 17, 2016
I tried to post this earlier, but my "add answer" button disappeared. Having leftovers of short ribs (as the others have said) in my house is almost a requirement. Tacos, lettuce wraps, taco salads, a non Korean bibimbap, etc.

I don't usually follow a recipe for short ribs, but I'm a huge fan of Dan Barber, so when I saw this, I had to make it. They are some of the best short ribs I've ever had. Do read the author notes..pretty funny story.

Depending on your ribs and on your family's appetite, one to two ribs per person is adequate.
Nancy June 17, 2016
Susan W - my "add answer" button also disappeared this morning. thought I'd done something wrong, but maybe the site was wonky.
Susan W. June 17, 2016
Nancy, I sent an email to Lindsay-Jean and she couldn't post either, so definitely a wonky gremlin site issue.
pierino June 17, 2016
My favorite method is use them in Korean style barbecue. You can "unfold" them by making a series of cuts parallel to the bone. Keep the bone attached, making your first cut closest to the bone and sliding the knife across without cutting all the way through meat. Pull over the top piece and make another cut until finally you have one long strip of meat with a bone attached. This technique allows you to lay them flat over a wood fired grill. Marinade with gochugaru, soy sauce and Korean pepper if you can find it. Otherwise substitute pimento or cayenne (with a light hand).
ChefJune June 17, 2016
My "Add Answer" button also disappeared this morning! I tried to post that I'd recommend checking out the short rib recipes on this site for starters. I'm sure the OP will find something to his liking.
JanetFL June 17, 2016
Definitely try this recipe - delicious!
PHIL June 17, 2016
I would make 3 ribs per person, plate 2 and keep the others in reserve for seconds. I would serve over a bed of creamy polenta or you can use mash potatoes. For greens , I serve with sauteed spinach or broccoli rabe. So far nobody in my house has complained . Whatever doesn't get eaten you can use for leftovers or take of the bone and make short rib ravioli. Good luck and tell us what you decide to do. They are good asian style too.
702551 June 17, 2016
Both Nancy and Phil makes the excellent point that short ribs are very versatile as leftovers (they can also be frozen for future use).

Cooking ten pounds of short ribs doesn't require much more effort than five pounds, the oven is doing most of the work. This is one dish where you may deliberately want to make more than enough for the meal, just to have leftover short ribs.
Nancy June 17, 2016
I like to braise them, as in this recipe
where he calls for 5 lb ribs to serve 4 to 6 people, possibly with some leftovers (also good to eat cold)
Sides can vary depending on season: if you're eating outdoors, any picnic/easy salads are good. If it's indoors and winter, think hearty grains like polenta, risotto, barley.
By the way, there are about 150 recipes for ribs here, and several threads on the hotline. Maybe useful to have a look around and see if there are dishes you and your guests would like.
PHIL June 17, 2016
I always think of it as a winter dish , or maybe a rainy day. kind of formal , with a great red wine. Summer, I go with pulled pork, some vinegary slaw and a nice beer for some reason. I guess it is more casual but that's just me.
702551 June 17, 2016
Personally, I'd had short ribs in my fridge right now, my end goal would be short rib tacos, but I'm guessing that wouldn't be appropriate for a "family company dinner" which sounds like a bit more formal event.

A lot of caninechef's decisions should ideally be based on who these dinner guests are, something we know nothing about. Who is the primary guest of honor? Is this the person at the dinner table who needs to be impressed the most?

I do agree with the beer.
Nancy June 19, 2016
That was Dan Barber's recipe I was recommending.
Thought the url (which has his name) would show, but it's condensed in the note as displayed.
702551 June 17, 2016
A very general guideline is about a half pound of meat per person so maybe 3/4 lb. per person. Of course, you will need to adjust based on your diners' appetite, something we know nothing about.

I don't cook with recipes, so I have nowhere to point you. Each time I make it results in a different dish, usually the flavors and seasonings are based on my whims of that day (and sometimes what is available on hand).

There are a wide variety of short rib dishes, some are more plain, some have an Asian bent, spicy, etc. so you might just want to peruse short rib recipes to see if jumps right out to you. Much this many be dictated by the taste preferences of your dinner guests. As you noted, you are cooking for "company" but that doesn't say anything about who they are.

As for sides, I'd pick a starch dish that can soak up the juices, so pasta, rice, or good old bread would be the primary candidates. Up to you to decide which one will please your guests the most.

For vegetables, I will always go with something seasonal. What those veggies in June would be different that what I serve in December. In my area, peas, beans, and corn are all in season, available at my town's farmers market. I would prepare these very simply since short ribs tends to be rather rich. A simple salad would lighten things up too, a nice vinaigrette to offset the fat of the short ribs.

For dessert, I'd go with seasonal fruit since they are in abundance right now: berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries of many varieties) and stone fruits (cherries, peaches, apricots, nectarines).

Good luck.
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