Late summer dinner

It was 52 degrees when I woke up, it's going to be chilly all day (3rd in a row) and there's a Bears game on tonight. Feels kind of like fall...Any good ideas for a late summer meal (preferably one that's reasonable to do after work)? My brain is stuck on "throw it on the grill or in a salad." Thanks!



JadeTree August 15, 2013
Same here, which is bizarre in SC! I'm going to roast a chicken stuffed and rubbed with herbs and garlic with a rice and nut pilaf - but serve with a big plate of sliced tomatoes from the farm down the road. The chicken is cozy, the rice is fall-ish - and the tomatoes are summer heaven while they last :)
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 15, 2013
Roasted tomato soup and simply prepared steak plated on greens ? It's chilly here too but warming up (60 F in CT)
CarlaCooks August 15, 2013
I know how you feel. I live in Denmark, and while our summers are nice while they last, they don't last long. For dinner tomorrow, I'm planning on a warm meal that still uses late summer produce but feels like an early fall dinner: turnip soup (I'm replacing the leeks with scallions),, and this great looking pork tenderloin roast with plum sauce. I will also make some stewed red cabbage to serve with the pork. The cabbage, plums, scallions, and turnips all come from this week's CSA bag. Good luck with your meal and your cool weather!
CarlaCooks August 15, 2013
Oops, forgot to link to the pork recipe:
Monita August 15, 2013
How about Nigella Lawson's linguine featured this week on Food52
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