When do you add the clams (or did I miss that)?

I have a question about the recipe "New England Clam Chowder with Old Bay Oyster Crackers" from thirschfeld.



702551 October 28, 2015
Step 5
amccl7 October 28, 2015
How much half and half? Recipe list completely skips this info.
Susan W. October 28, 2015
It says 16 ounces in the ingredients for the soup.
Greenstuff October 28, 2015
It says 16 ounces.
thirschfeld February 4, 2012
thanks for pointing this out. I have corrected this over site and if you look at step 5 it answers your question.
mbergner February 4, 2012
The author apparently listed this step in the Manhattan but not the New England. I would add the clams at the end of Step 5 so as not to overcook them.
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