Clam Chowder for Mothers Day??? / Menu Planning

Is Clam Chowder seasonal? Would it be weird to serve it for Mother's Day for a group of people? Is Manhattan Chowder more appropriate for the Spring?

If it works ; What do you typically serve it with other than good crusty bread or crackers--side dish/salad wise? Does Cesar Salad go??

Thanks so much for the advice!!

  • Posted by: Emily
  • May 7, 2023


Wendy May 7, 2023
Hi Emily,
Just a tip for using clams or clam broth. Make sure to desand clams in a bucket and strain broth through a coffee filter, to remove sand!
Emily May 8, 2023
Oh through a coffee filter--Thats SO clever! &really helpful, I will do that--Thank you Wendy, I appreciate it! I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Happygoin May 7, 2023
Emily, while I’m firmly in the New England clam chowder camp (being a lifelong New Englander), happily I’ll add that regardless of which version you go with, it’ll be better for being made ahead....making it a terrific time saver on the day of.

Good luck!
Emily May 7, 2023
Thank you, you read my mind with the making ahead thought—that’s definitely reassuring! I’m glad to hear it wouldn’t be too weird for the seasonal change! I appreciate it, Have a good night!
Happygoin May 7, 2023
No, and I’ll reluctantly say that I would agree with the others that the Manhattan version is lighter, making it perfect for Spring.
Emily May 8, 2023
I think I am officially sold on the idea!! It might rain here too, which will almost help, haha (thank goodness a warm, spring rain is my Mother's favorite!)
Gammy May 7, 2023
I LOVE clam chowder (either Manhattan or New England works for me), but do the moms being honored also love clam chowder? If they do, great, and I would make Manhattan as it IS a bit lighter than the rib-sticking New England. Crusty bread/rolls (check!), and a salad (check!), but I would go for a lighter salad, one whose flavor would enhance and not compete with the clam chowder. Do an internet search for spring salads... I have come across several recently, very colorful with spring veges and a light dressing (Southern Living usually has some beauties). Have fun!!
Nancy May 7, 2023
Agree with Gammy - ground your menu in dishes or one main dish that is the favorite of the mother(s) attending. For a light salad, perfect for spring and unusual for many folks - make one of herbs as the greens (not just a tablesppon or two as garnish).

My favorite recipe is from Frank Stitt, an Alabama chef, highlighted in the linked article from food writer Regina Shrambling. It's delicious, and a crowd-pleaser!
Emily May 7, 2023
Thank you so much Gammy, that was really helpful! Clam Chowder is one of my Mom's favorites, but we haven't made it in years! We'll have about 13 people so it sounded like a good make ahead, and Im hoping the red broth version will work out--otherwise I'm now contemplating clams over linguine , another favorite. Hope you have a nice weekend!
Emily May 7, 2023
Thanks so much Nancy, that is really helpful as well! I love the idea of the herbs as the greens--I do this quite a bit for lunches & I think that will balance much better! This recipe with the edamame is great, and simple! I really appreciate it , thank you!! Have a happy Sunday!!
Nancy May 7, 2023
Emily - so you already use herbs in salads! Yes, I like Shrambling’s suggestions for garnishes - and the edamame give some more protein without fighting the flavours in the chowder…
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