Shrimp & Grits- Do I use white or yellow grits?

Getting ready to order some high quality grits online. They have white and yellow? Is one traditional for shrimp & grits? Or should I order some of both?
Alos, have eaten, but never made shrimp & grits. Any tips or recipes appreciated.



Louisa February 6, 2012
Yellow grits, and cook them with half milk and half water. I like using country ham in place of the tasso ham.
Vince,Colleyacme February 4, 2012
Thanks for the help!
Sam1148 February 4, 2012
Oh and use stock, or peel the shrimp before sauteing them and make a shrimp stock with the shells to make the 'grits'. In either case the liquid for cooking grits should on the savory side.

To expand on my previous post..the Sherried shrimp would be a good for the shrimp element.
Now, imagine a pool of grits/polenta in the center of that dish--topped with sauteed ham matchsticks and mushroom. (I'd use yellow for that just for the color contrast tho).
Sam1148 February 4, 2012
Both are used. However if you don't have grits and have to order online. Polenta is basically the same thing...just make it a bit more 'soupy'.

One place around here used to serve a shrimp and grits that was quite elegant. With the shrimp in a garlic sauce, served around a pool of grits/polenta. The mound of grits was topped with matchstick cut ham bits piled on top and sauteed mushroom and chives.
Mr_Vittles February 4, 2012
I have found white to be the most common to be served with shrimp. But either will do just fine. Just make sure they are "stone ground."
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